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    Default Need advise on a BRD encounter

    Hi all,

    I am running a WMMMP Build. So far I havent run into any major issues and am loving the build.

    I'm having a bit of difficulties with the Seven Dwarves as my team OOM at 3rd-4th encounter.

    I'm wondering whether anyone here managed to clear the Seven Dwarves with this build and any tips you can provide?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Didn't have any troubles with mana, but I was playing MMMMP.
    Just sit and drink between every dwarf, you will have like some seconds.
    With tank should be even easier, you can sit and drink with your mages and start to tank with warrior, I had to start fight as new dwarf comes, you have not, you can continue drinking and tank with warrior and then start damage when you feel fine with mana.

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    Not running WMMMP; however, I am running DMWSP, and they can be mana hogs too.

    I would typically park them in the spot I marked in the image. My druid tank sits out front, grabs each one as they come. You can drink in-between each boss. A few of the bosses don't hit very hard and allows my team to drink a lot more. Hope that helps.
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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks a lot. I didnt know you can drink between fights!
    Thanks for the awesome image guide Acid!
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    Hey Drak

    I had the mana issues when i was still not 60 and undergeared. It was mostly with the mages. I made sure I had all the gems available for them and evoc up... i would generally evoc after the 3rd or 4th dwarf.. also if you are a little bit undergeared you kill them a bit slower and thus dont have a huge amount of time between them thus the gems and evoc saved me

    Good luck


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    Thanks for the advice Dalo! I really appreciate it

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    Thanks guys! The tips worked. I managed to kill all 7 dwarves. Love this awesome community!

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