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    Default Paladin aoe mob spots help

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone out there knows of any spots good for a paladin with a druid healer following him are. Currently lvl 40 and just finished with duskwood ghouls and dustwallow murlocs which were great up until now. I've tried swamp of sorrows but the mobs are too far and between and the wastelanders in tanaris but i drop threat too easily and it all feels so much less efficient than earlier levels. Am I stuck queuing for dungeons for now ?

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    Came across this site on AoE farming (haven't personally look into the listed locations). These locations are not really focused on HyperSpawns but on locations with lots of mobs that are group-able for AoE. Some may actually have a HyperSpawn within them:

    That link is for a text based summary. There site has multiple ways of showing things graphically on the maps as well and rating areas via color and what not.

    You could look also into the Hyperspawns as well though some of those locations only have a few mobs that come back real quickly so great for fast killing 1 by 1 but not necessarily great for AoE.

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