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    Since there is only typically 3-4 runs per week. I would try one with 3 and then try it solo. Your going to find the solo probably much more enjoyable. And it’ll only take you an hour and change to run it on all.

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    I tried taking all 3 Locks in there but it was a headache and I failed.. running them seperate was far easier and fun.

    Very happy.. this week was my first and my cloak on all Locks is rank 5
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    Seems a lot of everything is easier solo these days. When i target elites it will have their health at like 200k, and then the moment my group tags it the health spikes to 800k.

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    Ya, that was changed back in Legion to my knowledge. If you have high burst classes - your opener will sometimes drop the mob to less than 25% which is nice but it was a way to allow elites/rares to be tagged by multiple people if I recall.

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    The new faction area can be a bit of a pain boxing with a melee team. So much moving around dodging stuff on the ground that can one shot a whole team. But I love the hunters in my team now.. although i am not loving paly heals.. kind of weak. I just ran my shaman and one of my druids through the start of the visions quest line. I have a 120 monk as well I'm going to get through the quests. But paly tank+some healer+3 hunters feels good.
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    It's terrible on my Locks.. those mantid things that stick the stuff down that one shots isnt fun when I am casting

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