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    I got the cloak in probably 60-75 min max on 5x Druids. The double skip, plus not doing any of the side quests just do the actual assault and it goes quickly.

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    I never noticed the second skip.. i did the whole thing ( including all the side quests and dailies ) on my second team. SO far i have 5x hunters and 5x paladins.
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    The first skip is talking to magni outside of the dungeon. The second skip is talking to Ra-den in MoP.
    The 3rd scenario you have to do (Blackwing Decent) - and doesn't take that long unless... your team is in a raid instead of a party! That took a little bit of finesse to reset it and go and do it again.

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    Anybody know if you can skip on the opposite faction? EG, complete the chain on Horde and skip on Alliance?

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    Yeah you can skip on other faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance View Post
    Yeah you can skip on other faction.
    Nice one, thanks.

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    Have any of you actually boxed the visions yet??

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    Yep, they aren't going to be easy. Last week I did Thrall + 1 corrupted zone on both 5x Druid and 1xTank/3xDPS/1x Healer comp and it was fine.
    I made a huge mistake though and went with the solo talents instead of the group talents, make sure you pick the right side. It increases your sanity from 1000 to 1750 after 3 points if using a full 5 person group. If I had the full 1750 sanity bar, I could have done both corrupted zones or potentially one of the lost zones.

    One thing I read and I am trying to verify, is that if you add a tank - the mobs hit harder and if you add a healer there needs to be things to dispel. Because I've watched videos of players doing 3 man teams and the mobs feel super squishy and don't hit hard at all, whereas in the full 5 person group some of the aoe move takes half the hp from my entire team.
    So hoping to get a better answer on that one.

    There are groups out there that on the first week cleared the entire zone, with no masks but still - impressive feat.

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    Additionally when I say they aren't going to be easy, the reason being is there is so many personal things to avoid going on all of the time, and then those abilities get compounded on top of each other when you fight the last boss.
    Example, the lost zone was spawning void shadows all around each character solo - if you touch any of them you are disoriented for 4 seconds. You can only move out of it in one direction that is random, for each character and they don't spawn at the same time, and can only be seen by the single player.
    The easiest extra zone last boss summons void waves that head directly to the boss from all directions. If you hit it your silenced, and he also casts an aoe silence that lasts 9 seconds. You can remove it by running into random yellow orbs, but it only works for each character. It basically neutralizes any kind of casters, because the ability is recast in like 20~ seconds.
    Then to top that off, that ability is then added to the last boss, so it gets more hp and more problems.

    It's super fun and frustrating at the same time and is going to be the pinnacle of difficulty that you can choose to ramp up on yourself.

    To top it off, there are 5 "masks" that each have their own affix to it, to add even more difficulty. Adding a mask increases the end of the run rewards.

    So the goal is going to be clear the last boss - then clear a corrupted zone + last boss. Then clear 2 zones + boss. Once you clear all 4 zones + boss you'll add 1 mask, and try a full clear, all the way up.

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    Thanks for the replies

    Urgh sounds like a headache.. I only box x3 Demo Locks at max level atm.. might be better to do them solo for each Lock then?

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