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    Default 8.3 get some 460/470 pieces from timewalking

    So i know alot of boxers run timewalking and this is a way to get some decent loot. enjoy

    Timewalking Event Quest Gives Heroic Raid Cache in Patch 8.3

    The Timewalking quest to complete 5 Timewalking dungeons A Shattered Path Through Time awards a piece of Heroic Ny'alotha gear in Cache of Ny'alothan Treasures. This awards loot that is Item Level 460 / 470, depending on what boss the item drops from, as the last two bosses drop loot that is 10 Item Levels harder. If you get lucky and get an Item Level 470 piece, it's only 5 items levels below the general Mythic.

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    That's awesome, I like that there is multiple ways to get close to mythic quality gear besides doing a mythic raid, especially since Mythic + dungeons, you'll need to be doing +15's now to get equivalent gear.

    Should also note, the visions events you can do in 8.3, you can make them more difficult and scale up the reward I think to 460 as well, maybe higher.

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    Are timewalking dungeons available any time or is this only a once a month event? I suspect the latter. My trinity team just hit 110, but looking forward to getting geared. Playing 5 guardians in heroics has been kinda fun but is super annoying at higher levels.
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