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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleflavor View Post
    When they removed combat /follow in warmode they couldnt have been more blatant that they were targeting multiboxers specifically in pvp. If it were because of bots, they would have did the same in non-warmode. Someone working at blizzard today doesnt like us. Hopefully they are gone soon and the new expansions and patches just leave it out and let us play.
    To play devil's advocate, they could've entirely removed /follow when War Mode was enabled, but they didn't. Presumably, it was more work to jump through the hoops that they did to keep it, since an outright removal would've likely been much easier to accomplish, just like in battlegrounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleflavor View Post
    i read this and just got sad cause i know they wont ever do it, it doesnt benefit them in any way and our numbers are too small.
    Yeah, it's pretty sad hopefully one day we can get bigger numbers.

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