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    Default gathering herbs and ore

    Hi everyone. first time poster here.

    Is there any way to have herbs and ore nodes show on my main screen with ISBoxer? Possibly using a classic addon? I was hoping to have a party of 5. 1 a miner, 2 a herbalist and another for skinning. Obviously I wouldn't expect skins to show on minimap, but in classic its normally only possible to track ores <or> herbs in one window at any given time and I am hoping I can somehow track both.

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    I use a VFX window to show the minimap from the herbalist when I'm on the miner, and vice-versa.

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    On my first team I had 3 tracking (treasure hunting, mining, & herbalism) all on my main screen via VFX of my alts with the various skills.

    That resulted in me having my upper corner being 4 mini-map windows all stacked together in one bigger "4 quadrant" square as the character I drove from was my human skinner.

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    I'll second the VideoFX mentions above. I have three minimaps showing on most of my screens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleflavor View Post
    Get you some Multiboxology
    That video reminds me why I should get a square minimap skin for my classic teams

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    Any similar solutions for HKN? Or some simple program that can do VideoFX without running everything through ISBoxer?

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