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    Default Fastest class to 35 with pocket healer?


    I’ve dualboxed warrior and paladin and while it was painful while leveling it is quite fun at 60.

    Now I want to boost some alts with the paladin in the world (not dungeons) to 35 for profs. Obviously the two characters are not in party. I kill things with the low level and heal with paladin when needed and constantly buff.

    What classes would be good for it?
    First I thought warlock is the best, but not sure anymore. My dots don’t do enough dmg, I have to cast shadowbolt constantly, but that gets interrupted. I thought life tapping will be useful, and it is, but I have to spam that button too much to be effective.

    Now I am thinking of the following classes:
    Rogue: a nice fiery weapons enchant might make it easy. Also with infinite healing and infinite resources I won’t have to slow down.
    druid: not sure why it would be better than rogue when rogue can get fiery weapon. Maybe mass pull and aoe somehow with bear?
    Mage: might be good, but does not get much benefit from paladin healing I think
    Hunter: it is good but does not get too much benefit from paladin I think.

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    I would think 2 hunters in a duo party would be faster than a Paladin following any class via out of party boosting x2.

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    I recently used a druid to pocket heal a mage. I dont know exactly how long it took to get 35, but my /played to 37 was 1d 16hr.

    I'm also boosting a warrior and it feels I'm pacing around the same. The good thing about warrior is 0 down time, and plenty of rage since Im constantly pulling 3-4 mobs.

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    Yeah, I'd think warrior or mage, followed by warlock/hunter. The benefit of the warrior is that you'll have more time to heal, whereas the mage will be vulnerable to getting beaten down faster than you can kick off a heal if you're not careful.

    [edit] and the good thing about warriors is that they're energizer bunnies as long as your healer can keep up with the damage.
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    Fastest duo with a 60 pally healbot would be warlock without question, nothing else would be even remotely close.

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