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    Default Mapped Key -Makes no sense

    I have a question cause I have come accross a problem i have no clue how to understand. (This is classic wow)

    I have in my Combat Hotkeys two mapped keys as made by Isboxer:

    DPS Rotation and PVP DPS Rotation

    They have the same actions in them just where one is "Do DPS Rotation"... and the other "Do PVP DPS Rotation"... and there is an action in both with "Do Assist Me", where ATG is Assist which the characters is part of.

    They have been assigned hotkey "2" DPS Rotation and "8" PVP DPS Rotation

    Now for the problem:

    They do not act the same inspite the macro on both key 2 and 8 are the same.

    If I stand on toon A and push my 2button then my Hunter tries and toggle between melee and ranged attack where as if I push my 8button my hunter does as intended only ranged attacking.
    I have no clue why this is happening and hope for some help to understand how come same macro being used on button 2 and 8 are not acting the same?

    also if I in hunter keymap makes my hunter in his DPS Rotation push 8button it still wont work. But it works if I push 8button as if im using PVP DPS Rotation.
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    K first things first, i'm not good at helping with IsBoxer configs, but there are some really really good people here that are. So you can follow this link and ask the pro's for help using your profile.

    Secondly, you may want to give this a try before doing that, check and see if you have Interact with Target and/or Click to Move somewhere in your set up and macros. Hunters will start to melee attack when you use IWT and CtM. Addons like EMA and GSE can toggle these as well.

    Finally, hunters are a whole different beast than the other classes when boxing due to the way dev's designed their deadspace in vanilla wow. When they removed deadspace, they left something behind that causes these weird ranged melee problems with /follow, CtM, and IWT. And if you so happen to be playing survival, you have to get rid of any combat CtM and IWT macros and simply play them like we used to in the old days running through the mob with the lead character and turning around so all the followers are in melee range. Survival is pretty much unboxable imo.

    So see if you're triggering IWT and CtM when you get this problem and if so remove them from your ranged combat macros. If you want you can set it up to toggle CtM off in those macros as well. If you cant figure it out, keep asking for help, but post your config so someone can take a look at it themselves and solve it easier.
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    Its all sorted now so guess Mapped Keys makes alot of sense as long as the user just looks out for what he is doing I will recommend any to use the debug console, i kinda forgot all about that cause of not having used it much.

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