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    Question Radeon VII with 16 GB ? Is it worth

    Hey folks,

    as the title says, i have a offer for a RadeonVII with 16GB Ram.

    acutally is use a 1080 and want to upgrade this part.

    Because its much cheaper then a 20xx and have 16GB of VideoRam i come to this card. the benchmarks seems to be good, but i dont know how this card will work with ISBoxer (Main Usage of this PC)

    Actually i run 16 Toons on this PC, but it seems the GraphicCard is my next bottleneck

    Short PC Details from now:

    CPU: Threadripper 1920x
    Board:Aorus 7 Gaming x399
    Cooling: ML360 TR4 Edition
    Ram: 64 GB
    PSU : 1000W Dark Power
    GPU : actually KFA2 1080 8GB EXOC

    this Card i have in mind a really good offer:

    Thank you for suggestions and maybe experiance-reports

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    For your "use case scenario", it would be pretty much ideal, especially for the money.

    These sell used for the same price as a new nvidia 2070 where i live. Its worth getting the radeon vii.

    Just make sure the powersupply can support/handle the needed cables.
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    i dont know, i think its a mind-thing. i was onetime on a radeon card (vega64) and this was a bad experiance.

    Now with 16+1(Bank) Toons online and all graphics at low i got on HWInfo "GPU MEMORY USAGE" always 70%+X , in new bfa zones over 85% (GTX1080). So i guess many games dont NEED 16gb of ram and the TI cards with 11GB are still "better", but my head says me : "more memory is better for multiboxing" .

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    Well if you play on all with settings 1 and you arent vram bottlenecked, then spend your money on something else, or save them.

    What ive noticed is that the grafics vram and RAM requirements seems to increase slightly every so often in this game, so having a bit more than needed, wouldnt be a bad thing. If you can afford it. If you can get a bargain deal on a radeon vii, its something to consider buying.

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    The AMD RVII is essentially a 2070/2080/1080 Ti, but with 16GB of VRAM. The HBM memory may help if you're teetering on the edge of maxing it out, but I would guess that you'd probably run into a core usage bottleneck before you ran into a VRAM bottleneck.
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    RAM is on 31% with 16 accounts

    this stats are taken in legion content, 15 chars on graphic 1 and 80% scaling, frontchar graphic 5 , one offbox char bank in OG with graphic 1 100%

    If i go farmin in BFA content, i got straight 85-90% usage of GPU Memory Usage

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    There was a noticable bump in requirement recently, think it was in april or so in 2019. If i recall, RAM usage per game can now spike up to 5gb. Also, the now ingame setting 7 = was the previously ultra setting.

    its safest to atleast have 32gb ram available per 5 games.

    Just in case, id suggest that you run your numbers again, to see if you still are not bottlenecking anywhere.
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    i ran now for 2 hours (i think) old content and bfa zones.. this my ram acutally ( 64gb installed ) .. its anoying me, that i am not a fully load on cpu/ram and the gpu goes up to maybe 95% and i dont get more fps. the temps are very ok, the fans are i silent mode.. i dont get..

    and because my GPU load is the "highest" i thought THIS is my personal bottleneck..

    Maybe i do a fully report while i play ? when it will help you guys, tell me which one i should create

    Sorry for my english, hope it was clear
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    Im assuming you have tried to overclock the cpu, RAM and gpu + that you have optimized the cpu core affinity to best suit the games. If you wanted to try get a few more fps in. Next would be to get that radeon vii, since your gpu memory usage is constantly high. That would be the most natural and current cheapest option (other alternative with 16 games, would be to get a 32 core/64 threads, so you can assign 2cores/2threads to each game).

    *alternativly, you could run multiple computers: that would free up resources. I personally went this route and each 5man pc has 12 cores/24 threads, 32gb ram and minimum 6gb vram.

    For your current issue, getting that gpu upgrade as pri 1 should help a bit.

    Remember that the new patch reset gfx settings... all games was set to 7 again

    *start wow.exe, change back to directX-11 legacy... make sure preferred grafics is the gfx card... then settings back from 7 to 1

    Also: you sometimes need to start up all your games, then doublecheck every single one... that they are at settings 1... dirextx-11 legacy... etc. Apply settings and restart said games, then recheck that the settings get saved.

    If you have raid/bg gfx option enabled, remember that those also gets changed back to 7 after the patch..
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