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    Default IS-Boxer - GSE - Hunter

    Ive come accross a problem with my GSE hunter macro where it should only be doing its ranged rotation from far away and it worked fine for a little while. But now without me changing anything in the GSE macro, it doesnt work anymore. Now inspite me having nothing in the GSE macro with /startattack or any melee abilities in, it toggles melee on, really not sure why it does this?

    I suspect it to be a problem how I have set up my IS-Boxer profile with DPS rotation- with actions Do Assist Me - Assigned -Self and Do DPS Rotation in virtual Key Map. As the problem only appears with this one key-bind cause if i set the macro to other key and push it manually it works fine, just as long its not the key i have for my DPS rotation in Key Map.

    Im asking if anyone else have come accross this problem when dealing with a hunter in the team, as its only with that class the problem is.

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    Sounds like you have Interact with Target and/or Click to Move somewhere in your set up. Just my best guess when it comes to boxing hunters and the way you described them acting.

    Also, if this is survival spec, IWT and CtM have huge issues with this spec and only this spec due to the way they removed hunter deadzone in the past.
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