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    Default Mythic team and advice for new multiboxer.

    What’s the easiest setup who should be the master box and what ui and hot bar setup should I go

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    Typically driving from the tank is the best option, allows you to position the mobs.

    For UI and whatnot it's personal preference. I don't use anything special but quite a few users will hopefully chime in with their flavors.

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    As Ellay said, it's mainly a question of preference in terms of UI, action bars, how you choose to handle healing, etcetc. Generally speaking you'll want at least a way of healing your characters, using some individual cooldowns as to not waste them on other characters, way of dispelling (if you have a class that is able to dispell). I would also highly recommend having comfortable, quick hotkeys for switching to each client and perhaps some keys for sending movement keys to some parts of your team. E.G I have keys for moving my ranged characters left and right to be able to side step things without it affecting the tank.. How you choose to do any such thing varies from person to person.

    I'll attach a link to a screenshot of my current setup here:, perhaps it'll give you some ideas (and maybe others are willing to share theirs), but keep in mind that this is in no way the only way you can choose to do things.

    Quick notes for it:
    - Bottom right is Ora3 for cooldown tracking
    - Action bars are just bartender bars brought to the main window with VFX
    - power auras to track stacks of selfless healer
    - Shadowed Unit Frames for the party and target frames.

    As far as teams, i think it's safe to say BM hunter is the go-to DPS due to their DPS not being affected by having to move. Healers and tanks are more down to preference, but I can speak highly of Prot Paladins in terms of agro, self-sustainability and nice cooldowns. I guess common healers would be monks and shamans. I'm using a holy priest in a mixed team currently, which is working OK-ish. Never could get that much performance out of Disc priest myself sadly...

    My usual advice is to play what you like though. Maybe it is just me, but I can not stand playing a "strong" team of characters made up of classes and specs i just do not have a fondness for and usually end up not playing the team due to it.
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    Slightly off topic, but Wub I love that layout. I've wondered if I put my party bars at the bottom, it it'll help me stay focused on the "center" of the screen. I feel like looking left constantly detracts.
    Also - I've been pondering that 5x Paladin setup, any success with it?
    I'm struggling with the "strong" team too, as it's not exactly the characters I envision I would play if I was solo.

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    This is awesome, what im thinking is 3 bm hunters a druid healer and a prot pala tank. That or a blood dk.

    Also how do i set it up to move some characters but not all of them
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    Quote Originally Posted by jj7009 View Post
    Also how do i set it up to move some characters but not all of them
    Multiboxology Action Target Groups

    MiRai is the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    Also - I've been pondering that 5x Paladin setup, any success with it?.
    I usually default to 1x Prot 4x Ret due to the much, much higher DPS. Annoyingly you can not switch specs mid key run so I can't pick and choose per boss.

    That said Prot is favorable for specific dungeons where some mechanics just demolish the rets. These would usually be the end bosses like in shrine of the storm, siege of boralus, underrot, etc.

    I've not really pushed it, but I did manage a +6 and with the right key and affixes I'm fairly confident I could go a bit higher.

    I might give Prot more of a go this week due to having Grievous to deal with. Will see how it goes.
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