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    Default Any multiboxers on Horde EU Shazzrah?


    Im looking for people to play and hang out with. Maybe do some UBRS runs together?

    My team is WWWWS.


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    Grats on getting your team to 60.

    I noticed you are running a melee cleave team. If you get a chance please drop some comments with your perspectives on melee-cleave to the melee-cleave thread:

    Curious which, if any, bosses or end game dungeons you have trouble with?

    Curious whether you have tried any other team (like ranged spell-cleave) and, if you have tried other teams, whether you like melee-cleave more than the other(s) you have tried?

    Those are just some ideas and feel free to share any thoughts about melee-cleave in general (share whatever you think would be helpful to others). It seems like a lot of people didn't like it but those that did typically said that they did have some pain points initially at cap but there was a tipping point once they reached a certain gear point that it started to really take off.

    If you have any videos of dungeon runs that you want to share, especially videos for those dungeons that have not been posted yet, please post those as well.

    Thanks and I hope you find some other boxers in your faction on your server to have fun with!

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