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    Default WMMMP Setup

    So I finished levelling my MMMMP group and love that I can tear through the trash mobs is almost all 5man instances. I've been farming Live Strat and have farmed up almost enough folks for my epic mounts on all 5. Unfortunately I have trouble with the bosses due to lack of a real tank.

    So that brings me to my question. How do you setup your hotkeys for when you have a real tank? Examples of your spammed buttons and what skills they are assigned to would be amazing.

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    I send multiple actions at once, most are macros defined in ISBoxer so that I can keep my toon's action bars clean for solo play.

    For Warrior
    button 1 "pull" (other toons do nothing): battle stance | charge | overpower | castsequence of battle shout, demo shout, thunderclap
    button 2 "single target": defensive stance, equip 1-hand and shield | bloodrage | shield slam | revenge | shield block | sunder armor
    button 3 "aoe": berserker stance, equip 2-hander | berserker rage | castsequence of whirlwind, cleave | execute

    For Druid
    button 1 "pull" (other toons do nothing): dire bear form | feral charge | faerie fire | demo roar
    button 2 "single target": dire bear form | maul | faerie fire
    button 3 "aoe": dire bear form | faerie fire | swipe

    Also liberal use of /startattack in macros to ensure white hits even when abilities are on cooldown or lacking rage, but watch out with charge because warrior can't be in combat, so /startattack breaks charge.

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