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    Default Vulpera seems OP for us boxers?

    • Fire Resistance: Reduces Fire damage taken by 1%.
    • Make Camp: Make a camp at this location. Can only be used outdoors.
      • Return to Camp: Return to your camp. 1 Hour Cooldown.

    • Nose for Trouble: When you first take damage from an enemy, reduce that damage by 5% of your maximum health.
    • Rummage your Bag: Change your chosen tricks. Now where did you put that...? [NYI]
    • Vulpera Survival Kit: You have a chance to find an additional satchel of goods when you kill a humanoid.

    I play alliance..but this new race has me tempted to make a team of them. I dont think i could reach 120 and all the pre-reqs for them before they go live..but in time for shadowlands for sure. It depends on how often the Satchel of Goods drop. But farming humanoids with a boxed team might be a damn good way to level and make a lot of extra coin at the start of shadowlands.
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    the camp is very enticing

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