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    Default Cliq Healing using Mouse Broadcasting WoW Classic

    Hey everyone! So I'm fairly new to Isboxer, I'm running a Warrior, Preist, Mage and lock.

    I'm using the Cliq adon to heal with raid frames and so on. My trouble is whenever I click mouse broadcast (which is really annoying that i have to keep scrolling over to click it on and off). I was wondering if there was a way to just enable it with a button. And is there a way when I have it on, to not have my characters run opposite directions? Every time I get in a big fight and need to turn on Mouse broadcasting to heal (I drive with my Warrior and move a lot) my priest ends up running away and sometimes into other enemies.

    P.S I also turn with my mouse and stride with A and D instead of turning.

    Thanks for the help!

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    ISBoxer 42 — Healing and Crowd Control (Crash Course) — One-on-One w/ MiRai
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    In addition to the video link posted by Tin, also check out
    Mirai goes step for step on VFX setup at the's also extremely entertaining.

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