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    Default Setting up a new mixed team

    Hi guys, thanks for checking my post.
    Ive been taking in all the great information thats posted in this forum and I began practicing multiboxing with 5 man teams
    about a month ago. So far Ive done war, lock, 2 mage and priest team and also 1 shaman 4 warriors team.

    Im gonna start a new project with the following team:

    #1 driver (healer)
    Class: Priest
    Race: Dwarf
    Profession: Tailoring + Enchanting

    #2 (tank)
    Class: Druid
    Race: Night Elf
    Professions: Skinning + Leatherworking

    #3 (dps)
    Class: Mage
    Race: Gnome
    Profession: Tailoring

    #4 (dps)
    Class: Paladin
    Race: Human
    Profession: Herbalism + Alchemy

    #5 (dps)
    Class: Warrior
    Race: Human
    Profession: Mining + Blacksmithing

    I wanted to get every Race into the team while also picking the best for each class listed. I also wanted to keep it without pets but still implementing as many armor types as possible. Ontop of that i feel this team have decent synergy with buffs and also I will spec them with easy rotations in mind. As it stands today I run GSE macros on all my tunes apart from the driver wich i like being the healer. I might change driver to tank if its considerebly more easy, then using screen region within the ISboxer GUI.

    I did some testing last night using my war, 2 mage, lock and priest team while driving from the tank. It dident feel as smooth as i hoped mostly doing to the IWT key triggering wand. I know i could turn off auto IWT but then my concern with the above team would be, how do i get the Ret paladin in range?

    I would much approiciate ways to make the above team work, i will be running dungeons almost exclusively on a PvE server. At endgame i will farm dungeons and i wont touch PvP. The purpose of this team is to enjoy many great classes togheter while keeping up professions and eventually getting to 60 and making the BiS dungeon gear for them all! If you have experience and can help me out with some pointers that would be greatly approiciated. Im also looking to get to know other multiboxers so dont hesitate to let me know if you want a new friend.

    Thanks alot for your time guys,
    Regards lobbery
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    I would try driving from the Tank druid and the melee DPS (Warror+RetPaladin) should come up and start swinging fine via IWT. I found that driving from the Tank gave him sight aggro before the melee DPS compared to sending them all in at once.

    You may want to follow the steps in that video that stops characters from running off when using IWT. I think this video is the one you will want to review:

    If you are going to then heal from the main tank by a repeater region to the Priest you may need to have a hot key that briefly sends all 4 movement direction arrows if you have trouble with the healer starting to run. I got that when I did VFX to my healer but some folk indicated you don't get that if you configure repeater regions correctly. This was recently discussed in the following thread:

    There are some videos on click healing via repeater. Here are two from Dalo:

    This Link is to a list of links for some of MiRai's videos and at least one is on healing (don't know if there is a better list somewhere else):
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    I had a similar idea as you, and went for a mixed class team and checking every armor type and proff.

    I went for an untraditional 4 char team of Paladin - Hunter - Druid - Warlock.

    My initial thought was to drive and tank from the paladin, but switched to tanking from druid around SM levels as there were less mana issues and downtime that way. (Should have added a mage). This was mainly for Dungeons, but for open world questing I would swap back and use the druid as ranged dps.

    Its been a slow climb (was 50 when Phase 2 hit), but loving the mixed group, even though its slower than others.

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