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    Default Eye of Kilrogg drops agro.

    Seems like EoK drops aggro now if you don't lead them back to your team before it dies. Anyone knows of a better way to pull with WMMLP teams?

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    Bump looks like this might be a bug?

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    You could try reporting this, but I almost have to believe it's an intentional change. Why not pull with your warrior?
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    I always thought you priest bubbled the eye and brought it back to group?

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    It was fixed with the new patch, pulling whole instances was never intended by Blizzard

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    Yea, I assumed it was intentional. It was really OP. I was just hoping someone had a better tactic than just pulling with warr.

    I'm already pretty bad at multiboxing as it is. With the eye in SM, I was getting 20k/hr avg. 35k+ if i was in the zone but that was rare. Without it, at first it was 4-6k. but I got it up to 15k/hr before I left. Now I'm just questing for the first time since level 8 haha.

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    Found a semi work around for the big AOE pulls.

    1. Use your Voidwalker to gather desired number of mobs. Can priest (or pally) bubble pre-pull if you think you need it. You obviously can't control the VW like you do the eye so you need to be able to see/target the mobs you want the VW to run through or attack. I found it works best to have a pet attack/assist to whoever I'm driving from such as my Paladin tank. If you have a second warlock in your group like I do, you can even summon eye on the one and have the 2nd's Voidwalker assist to the eye and leave your whole team around a corner. The assist range is limited so you won't be doing full scarlet monastery pulls but I found you can still do the lower courtyard from within the first hallway. Same as with Eye, you get the most bang for your buck if you can keep the voidwalker moving. Sending him down a hallway works well if you can target one of the mobs at the very end.

    2. Once you have the desired number of mobs aggro/grouped on the Voidwalker but before he is about to die, summon Eye of Kilrogg on your warlock then quickly cancel it (hitting the Eye summon button again quickly will do this). Your Voidwalker will respawn at your side (less shard management) and the mobs will be coming to you.

    3. I like to refresh my Paladin buffs from my tank on the team at this time while waiting for the mobs to come running to the LOS group location. This is usually sufficient to get initial aggro. Warrior tanks could try battle shout (assuming you have rage).

    It's not as clean/easy as Eye pulls have been but I think it's still way better than pulling on one of your toons and having to eat all the damage as you gather the mobs and then start the AOE burn down.

    Hope this helps other mixed/Lock groups.

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    Nice use of void reset to your side.

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    I swear its because I leveled a lock to do just this, and I just got the spell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewsifur View Post
    I swear its because I leveled a lock to do just this, and I just got the spell!
    I did the same. My team was at 32 when I found out about eye pulling. Literally leveled a lock to replace the mage for that reason. Only got to 38 before this was patched. Lol
    tbh I love having the lock regardless for SS and summons. I basically use it as a off tank since it pulls threat instantly every time. Soul link void walker combo. So my warrior gathers and positions.(the eyes old job) The lock tanks during aoe with Power word shield already applied and ready for a second one to be reapplied. (Otherwise your whole mana bar is gone in like 5 secs) If the adds live long enough my mages will take aggro at some point. This gives a nice flow of damage taken to Warrior -> lock -> mages that makes healing WAY easier for me.

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