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    Default Anybody here level engineering on their mages?

    I was thinking, would engineering help famring instance bosses easier at 60? Is engineering worth it? I was gonna level useful professions but then realized i make way more fold from farming dungeons than making a profit with professions....once i get my robe of the archemage,engineering is the move?
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    Interested on replies regarding Engineering for PVE. I have always thought of Engineering for PVP and not really for PVE except when needed to overcome some gaps in some builds (like ranged pull on Paladins). Personally I have waited till 60 and semi-geared to start engineering (prior to shifting focus to PVP).

    Regarding professions, those are typically used to supplement gold from running instances (not typically replace).

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    For casters the green lens are fantastic (2/3rd Raid BIS), the extra DPS from bombs and especially sappers are required if you are min-maxing

    A perspective from a single player, I raid in a top 100 speed guild and in our last MC sappers did 199k damage, even healers are required to use them in some places.

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    If you're fine on gold then there's no better choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleflavor View Post
    If you're fine on gold then there's no better choice.
    Thats all i needed to hear! Ty.

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