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    Question Probably noob questions.

    I have watched the youtube video for farming mats. They include how to use the set view macro and click or mouse over interact. I have watched the video a bazillion times now over the last few days. I still cannot get any of it to work. I don't know what I am doing wrong, I have replayed the section of that video starting around 3:05 to get this to work with no avail. My interface on ISboxer differs on the section when I am Key Maps > ISB42 - Toggles > Activate Mouse Repeat and then part 5 where you refer to a macro; 3:54 in the video, my bottom right box looks different. Can't post picture. I have no "WoW Macro" that box that shows in the video, completely differentl looking bottom right hand window.
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    Basically you create a macro this way:

    In the top left window in isboxer, click on "game helpers" of warcraft... (then right click on the "+" to the left of Macro sets... name your new set to whatever you want). Then rightclick below on your new folder to start creating macroes like you would ingame and assign a keypress combination.

    Then later on wherever you are creating a normal keybind and want to use one of your isboxer macros, you have to tell isboxer to grab it, from the wow macro folder you previously created.

    You can point isboxer to the macro by pressing the "<" button to the very right, in the lower right window in isboxer, next to Wow Macro...then a small popup window will appear... here you need to use the two dropdown buttons to locate your macro folder and then finally your spesific macro.


    The 'isboxer wiki' pages can be very helpfull aswell. Whenever you are stuck, its worth adding isboxer wiki to the search.

    Remember you have to press " file...export all to inner space " in the very upper left corner of the screen, in order to update/save settings to isboxer + do a /reload ui ingame (if they are logged in), before any changes can work.

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    Thanks for the help, I had a keybind that was out of whack so it was not exporting the settings. Yep, I'm an idiot. I haven't been boxing since keyclone long time ago. Again I appreciate your help, thankyou.

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