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    As a follow up on Resto Shaman. While it does contribute to DPS. The offset is that their healing is pretty weak. I tried a +8 with Grievous and it just wasn’t fun at all. I ended up stopping half way through on that run and knocked out a +6 on my Druids to ease the frustration.
    I think Mistweaver monk pulls ahead on this affix since you have strong single target heals to top everyone off. Also this just may be an overall bad combo to win against. So I’m still at the drawing board for the best combo.

    Do you think RDruid, Holy Pally or Priest can work on the +8?

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    Well there is others doing +10 or so and making it work using RDruid or Priest or Monk, so I'd say so. I think grevious is just a tough affix for us in general.
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    So this past week was somewhat decent, Tyrannical / Teeming / Volcanic / Beguiling, and I had managed to work up to a +12 key and tried it for the first time. The problem was it was King's Rest. The HP on the bosses was just gigantic and did not finish the key. If this was a fortified week, would have been no problem though. The bosses had 12.5 million HP and being able to do complicated mechanics for that long wasn't working. I went and did a +6 afterwards and it felt like I was doing a heroic run at 4 million HP a boss.
    A different dungeon may have worked out better as well. There's always next week! but I think the season has now reset so working up to a +10 will take a bit again.
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