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    Default How are boxers doing currently in M+?

    I havent stepped into a M+ since early mid BFA. What comp are you running? Are we still having a lot of trouble or has gear scaled enough to get some decent keys down? Which comps are viable and to what extent? Patch 8.3 is really looking interesting and i was curious what everyone else is doing.

    Teams i'm currently mulling over.
    5 pally
    1 pally 4 dk
    1 pally 4 disc
    5 hunters
    5 druids

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    For 8.2 I was running M+ on my BDK/RSHM/WW/BM/DEMO comp and at ~415 they were able to drop some 6 keys. Volcanic stopped me from doing a +7. I hit a wall with Operation Mechagon though and just stopped. M+ would still offer some gear gains for me no doubt but Operation Mechagon has some very hard mechanical requirements (x5) you will fail at regardless of 415 or 450 ilvl. SerScruffington did it I think ~405 per a video Mirai posted awhile ago but we're talking many hours of attempts.

    I would advise just LFG Operation Mechagon to skip boxing that mess entirely and maybe just focus on the reasonable keys like WM. The dead keys like Siege and King's Rest are better abandoned. Operation Mechagon will also be a dead key when it lands.

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    They are currently trying to adjust the Mechagon key in preparation, but from what I have read it'll still most likely be a dead key. The mechanics are just over the top to finish it compared to others.

    Currently running 5 druids and working on pushing my team more. For some reason I've been hesitant. I tried my first +7 last week (Freehold) with Volanic and finished with 5-6 minutes to go. Volcanic was a terrible affix though, and for my team which it's a massive loss of DPS due to not having good mobile DPS.

    I think this week is a bit easier so hoping to give it a few more tries depending on how much time I get this weekend.
    The other team I have which I've sort of benched is Brewmaster / 3x Hunter / Resto Shaman feels much stronger for Mythic +, but is literally only good for this type of content.

    I think 4 Disc just won't have the DPS needed.
    If your thinking about 5 hunters. I would consider leading with a Resto Shaman - it fills out the team so well. You can Target of Target your chain heals, and it bounces on all of the pets - keeping them alive + the hunter heal on them.
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    I check this forum everyday and I can't stop thinking that BFA is the less MB friendly expac for M+. I'm waiting for the first opportunity to jump back in. I'll take anything, less strategy for fights or longer timer, anything!

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    I don't think it's going to get any easier honestly. The trend is on the upward scale. Once a user gets the rotation of their dps down, the only difficulty to add is in the fight itself. A really large benefit to all would be if more classes could dps while moving and not having it only exclusive to Hunters.
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    I did a +9 Waycrest this weekend and even though I had 4 wipes on the first boss. I actually pulled out the W and finished with 5+ minutes to spare. I haven't tried a +10 yet but I really should!

    Instead focused on Mechagon and got that out of the way, I'll need to run it again a few more times though to complete the essence as its a huge dps boost for Balance Druids.

    At this point I feel like Druids in general are the most well rounded option out there if you want to do more than just Mythic +.
    I'm able to PvP (this is subjective, it's no where near as clean as it was pre follow nerf, but its the best we can do).
    For PvE world farming 5x Balance druids is nice and relaxing.
    for Mythic + I enjoy 1 tank / 4x dps, but in a pinch you can easily swap it around and do traditional 1x tank 3x dps 1 healer. (This is required for one of the bosses in Mechagon that needs a dispel).
    Timewalking still works.
    Farming Herbs/Mining is the cleanest of them all using Travel Form.
    Group Stealth saves a ton of time in certain situations.

    Only bad items!!
    Low mobility
    Transmogs never show because your in form most of the time (Transmog is the real endgame).

    Swapping to Tank + x3 BM Hunter + Healer fixes both the low mobility and Transmog issue but you lose out on:
    Raiding as a whole team. (Swapping them all to range DPS makes this possible). Can join LFR or in my case my guild let me tag along on Heroic EP.
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    Dang it Ellay! Quit trying to make me use me free char boosts on my druids! Or maybe i should say thank you! I love druids but have not played them for much more than gathering. Nice to hear that they can be for more than that .. i just hope that remains true in Shadowlands.

    Do you have your druid team build/macros you use posted someplace?
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    I was leveling my new druid team around level 50 atm, and i noticed that feral pvp talent leader of the pack stacks, it's soooo good. Makes me wonder what other class/abilities are stacking and this strong. Reminds me of TBC Wrath of Air totems.

    On another note, i noticed holy pallys doing 80k dps on boss fights in high mythic+ topping the meters easily. Maybe 1 prot- 4 holy pally could be a thing?

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    Balance druids had a pvp talent that seemed to stack well but it has since been fixed. Leader of the Pack stacking looks amazing but since it's only used in open world you can't build a playstyle around it. If I could use it for Mythic + would be a huge new option.
    If Holy Paladins can burst that high it is interesting but I don't tink the window is that long. Their ability Glimmer is pretty nice but its getting a nerf in the next patch. It should still be viable but less so.
    5 Paladins may work for Mechagon though now that I think about it further.
    I'll work on moving this conversation to a new topic so it stays relevant.

    I haven't posted my macros but their not super amazing - additionally if you can the AV event Korrak's revenge is supposed to be amazing EXP if you want to level that way, also since druids can queue up as a group for dungeons it may not be worth the boost.
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    I just tried out Resto Shaman + 4 BM Hunters and while their ilvl isn't amazing (415-425) the pets just didn't seem to hold up for me. Maybe when over geared it works but I couldn't tank a dungeon properly with them for some reason. So at this point it seems they are amazing for the filler but using the pet as a tank isn't as effective as it was in Legion.
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