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    The incoming corruption effect nerfs are gonna hurt my prots. 1 day of Echoing Void was nice. On the contrary i tried out Void Ritual and it was laughably bad, but they are going to buff that. Though they said "slightly" which means it will probably still be the worst of them. Leech is really good on dps though. Might go that route.

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    Just did a +8 on technically a bad week (Bolstering/Explosive). It was rough but it was doable. This was with all Druids, 1x tank 4x DPS. I'm gonna try my hand with my other team and see if it feels any easier.

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    do you guys post videos on youtube of your runs? besides serscruffington and wubsie back in the day I see little to no activity from mythic+ multiboxing on youtube. very sad because I always liked it alot and I think there is actually a market gap for good multiboxing mythic content videos/guides/streams.

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    I haven't recorded any runs in a while. With how little I am actually doing M+ I just feel the runs would most likely be rather sloppy, probably not high enough keys to be all that note worthy, and just overall not representative of what I could hope to do. If I end up doing anything "interesting" then I'll consider recording it.

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    I'll try and see how bad my FPS dips when I try to record/stream. I don't think my PC can handle it at the moment. My playtime is also not the best but I'll see what I can do.
    Need to research what is best to record with these days!

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    Wow, I just streamed a full mechagon run, a Mythic + run, a Horrific Vision run and then did some pretty good PvP, and...I didn't have store past broadcasts on! So I don't have too much to show at the moment, but will try again tomorrow.

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