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    Default Wzz - wow classic runs

    Hello everyone, i'm Wzz :] Nice to meet you !

    I'll begin to present myself since i'm there since month checking the classic forum without writing anything yet.

    I'm a multiboxer since more or less 3 years now, i started seriously on a vanilla private server called Nostalgeek. I played 14 characters back then and it happened that i killed venoxis and kurinax into ZG and AQ20. I bring my toons into BWL and i killed Nefarian with 14 characters and 26 other players. My guild mates kinda like me and they see the multibox only in the fun way, they like to have my team around and i'm very glad about that .. because you all know that the multibox can be the source of very different reactions from other players!

    I'm french and i'm currently playing on the pvp server Sulfuron, alliance side !

    My team is War Priest Mage Mage Mage which are currently spec into frost for the big cone of cold triple crit )

    I'm reading this forum since month, so, thank you for all the advices and tips you all wrote, by the way. I was silent until today but i want to be part of the community now

    I'll post videos there, and i'm waiting for advices or comments from good multiboxer players ! I think everyone can be helpul in one way or another !

    Some of my videos :

    A short funny video after struggling during 1 hour to reach BRD

    There my first Thaurissan down

    A vid of a mona run

    I'll try to add multiboxing content soon, i just took a video of my first Ragnaros down playing my 5 characters last week. I just have to release it

    Thank you guys! i wish you the best
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