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Thread: Mechagon

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    For fun, I just tried King Mechagon again on my Druids and actually got him on first try second phase without Treants so it's definitely possible! It's definitely more clunky but it works!
    Sargeras - Alliance

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    I keep bumping this thread but the Tank/3 Hunter/Healer team is still only ilvl 428-432, and was able to clear the entire dungeon in under an hour start to finish. Was able to tell because I popped a flask at the beginning and still had a duration on it at the end.
    Now that time has gone on, I'm able to confirm this is a doable dungeon for mythic+.

    All of the bosses I felt was able to down and still had a lot left in the tank. Most cooldowns were up.
    Sargeras - Alliance

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    Yeah my 380ish PWAR/MW/3*BM walked into M0 AZ and one shot it without a single wipe. The fact you can move them all together is simply irreplaceable on so many of these encounters.

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