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Thread: Mechagon

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    For fun, I just tried King Mechagon again on my Druids and actually got him on first try second phase without Treants so it's definitely possible! It's definitely more clunky but it works!

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    I keep bumping this thread but the Tank/3 Hunter/Healer team is still only ilvl 428-432, and was able to clear the entire dungeon in under an hour start to finish. Was able to tell because I popped a flask at the beginning and still had a duration on it at the end.
    Now that time has gone on, I'm able to confirm this is a doable dungeon for mythic+.

    All of the bosses I felt was able to down and still had a lot left in the tank. Most cooldowns were up.

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    Yeah my 380ish PWAR/MW/3*BM walked into M0 AZ and one shot it without a single wipe. The fact you can move them all together is simply irreplaceable on so many of these encounters.

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    so it's Sunday night (day before reset) and I had a +7 (with the new reset this feels like an 10-11) Mechagon Junkyard (which is the outside bosses), and figured - mine as well see what we can do. Finished it in time. The hardest part was actually the trash due to the Bolstering affix and having a ton of hp, but I couldn't believe it. Was able to do it!
    Getting more and more impressed with this team.
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    The 4th boss it seems had his haywire ability takes longer so you should be able to down him in one go, especially if you heroism. I’m guessing this is to make it more feasible for mythic + timing or else the fight can take 4-5 min.

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    So I finally figured I would take the time to clear this place on the Pallies. Some bosses are a bit of a nightmare really, others are manageable.

    Some noteworthy points:

    - Gunker is surprisingly OK, but one IWT bug at the right time and you'll have a toon gunked in the boss. Not a good time.
    - Tussle Tonks I just took the time to kill the steam engine on first and only then dealt with the big robot fella. Easy, but take a bit.
    - K.U.-J.O. is just a DPS race for this comp. I can only reset the DoT on the tank once with bubble so I just tried to buy time before the stacks drop the tank and then repeat the process on whoever has aggro next.
    - King Mechagon can fuck right off. Not a fun fight at all on a full melee team... Thankfully the hitbox is fairly forgiving, but you're always so afraid of taking that one little step too far back and getting instagibbed...

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    Awesome Wubsie, was this 1 Prot/4x Ret?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    Awesome Wubsie, was this 1 Prot/4x Ret?
    For all except the last boss, yes. While it's plausible to do as that comp in theory, it was a major pain due to the AOE blasts requiring you to keep spread while avoiding the knockbacks. Prots could eat a lot of the damage so even 2 stacks of the blast didn't require much attention. Naturally it took way longer, but it was much more of a survival flight anyways. .

    The other bosses caused no massive threat in terms of survivability when running 4€ Ret, so the much much higher DPS in that comp is a massive advantage and IMO most likely a requirements for the robo doggie.
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    If you weren't doing mythic+ I would just switch to a healer on one and remove the dot that way. I do this on my Druids so I could get them rank 3 Vision of Perfection.

    I like that it's been beaten now with an all melee team though

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    Link to run:
    Recorded a run of Mechagon Mythic. Wanted all to see the tactics used on each fight. Overall was able to complete the entire dungeon in 35 minutes. Was happy considering I still get upgrades from doing it.

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