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    Wondering if anyone has tackled this dungeon yet. The mechanics are pretty intense.

    I decided to give it a shot today and got the first 3 bosses down and ran out of time but the 4th boss is definitely doable. (only had 2 attempts).
    Really need the essence upgrade for my team so will keep plugging away at it.
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    SerScruffington is the only multiboxer I know of who has successfully finished it:

    Do note, the order in which you kill the bosses may affect the mechanics of a future boss that you face off against. Although, I'm pretty sure that the indoor and outdoor bosses do not affect each other, as they're considered two separate dungeons and will likely be broken up into two separate dungeons come patch 8.3 (same process we saw the Karazhan mega-dungeon go through in Legion).
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    This is awesome, thanks! Glad it's doable. When it gets added to the Mythic + rotation though it may be a skip though.

    Also super happy I don't have to figure out these strats myself
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    I got some time Saturday to work on this.
    Did all of the bosses using 5 Druids except the last one. I called in a tank and downed the last one with 4. Got about 10 tries in him prior but ran out of time and just wanted the essence he drops.
    Overall the rest of them are doable but the last one almost requires a few hunter pets or similar. If there is no one in melee range he will 1 shot your entire team. So you are able to do the mechanics without being next to him.
    Hunters are just so amazing for multiboxing with the toolkit they offer. Just wish they worked in PvP!
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    I really wish I could say the same for warlocks. I love my locks but they are in a horrid state for BFA dungeons. I know if I switched over to BM I'd be done with Operation Mechagon already. The sheer number of times I wiped on the 4th boss because I had to run back doing zero DPS is incredible. Most attempts hit the 3rd lift off phase (no joke) where sprint potions allowed me to drop his HP 65% on the first haywire.

    The power team here is going to be prot / rdru / bm * 3. I'd suggest nothing else for M+. Might be doable but hardmode and my current team feels like mission impossible.

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    Dang, I feel for ya on mobility - I hope it gets looked at. I was extremely surprised and got the 4th boss on my 2nd phase 2 attempt. With druids I was able to shift to travel form and run back and then popped drums (mini heroism) and went to town and dropped him in 1 transition (was caught off guard that it went down).
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    On that note two more things. Legion warlock was amazing.
    And Resto druid.. I still can't seem to get the hang of it. It seems off for performance. Need to find some good macros for it.
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