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Thread: Mechagon

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    Default Mechagon

    Wondering if anyone has tackled this dungeon yet. The mechanics are pretty intense.

    I decided to give it a shot today and got the first 3 bosses down and ran out of time but the 4th boss is definitely doable. (only had 2 attempts).
    Really need the essence upgrade for my team so will keep plugging away at it.

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    SerScruffington is the only multiboxer I know of who has successfully finished it:

    Do note, the order in which you kill the bosses may affect the mechanics of a future boss that you face off against. Although, I'm pretty sure that the indoor and outdoor bosses do not affect each other, as they're considered two separate dungeons and will likely be broken up into two separate dungeons come patch 8.3 (same process we saw the Karazhan mega-dungeon go through in Legion).
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    This is awesome, thanks! Glad it's doable. When it gets added to the Mythic + rotation though it may be a skip though.

    Also super happy I don't have to figure out these strats myself

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    I got some time Saturday to work on this.
    Did all of the bosses using 5 Druids except the last one. I called in a tank and downed the last one with 4. Got about 10 tries in him prior but ran out of time and just wanted the essence he drops.
    Overall the rest of them are doable but the last one almost requires a few hunter pets or similar. If there is no one in melee range he will 1 shot your entire team. So you are able to do the mechanics without being next to him.
    Hunters are just so amazing for multiboxing with the toolkit they offer. Just wish they worked in PvP!

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    I really wish I could say the same for warlocks. I love my locks but they are in a horrid state for BFA dungeons. I know if I switched over to BM I'd be done with Operation Mechagon already. The sheer number of times I wiped on the 4th boss because I had to run back doing zero DPS is incredible. Most attempts hit the 3rd lift off phase (no joke) where sprint potions allowed me to drop his HP 65% on the first haywire.

    The power team here is going to be prot / rdru / bm * 3. I'd suggest nothing else for M+. Might be doable but hardmode and my current team feels like mission impossible.

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    Dang, I feel for ya on mobility - I hope it gets looked at. I was extremely surprised and got the 4th boss on my 2nd phase 2 attempt. With druids I was able to shift to travel form and run back and then popped drums (mini heroism) and went to town and dropped him in 1 transition (was caught off guard that it went down).

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    On that note two more things. Legion warlock was amazing.
    And Resto druid.. I still can't seem to get the hang of it. It seems off for performance. Need to find some good macros for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    On that note two more things. Legion warlock was amazing.
    And Resto druid.. I still can't seem to get the hang of it. It seems off for performance. Need to find some good macros for it.
    For resto I did a promset and set my rejuv to target each psrty member in sequence and the pause for x seconds before going again. I let it loop twice when I was using a double rejuv rotation.

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    Follow up - I downed the last boss after switching to a team with hunters in them so I could do the mechanics with a hunter pet still being in range. It felt sloppy on my win but it was nice to have it done.

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    Further follow up - this week I was able to 1 shot almost every boss (including the last one) with an ilvl of 415-427. Which has made me reconsider that this place should actually be doable in mythic + coming next week when 8.3 hits.

    While the videos showing it being done is great via trial and error I wanted to give the tips I've learned that make some pieces much easier.


    Gunker - Get into melee range no matter your composition and rotate with the cleaning bot that is closest to it - if it gets gooped break it out and resume. Having a team that can dps/heal while moving makes this quite easy.
    Trixie and Naeno - Rotate interrupts on Trixie, and try to position your team near the smoke so you can rotate whoever gets targeted for the mega taze. I usually burn Hero on this fight. The taze's don't hurt too bad, but you have to dodge the Naeno's wheel move. Work their hp down together but if you drop one early it's still doable.
    Gobbamak - Keep your team together to dodge the mechanics. The smash giving you electricity is the big issue on this fight. When he goes to do it use a spread out macro, but only enough so that you ensure 2-3 get hit, you don't want all 5, just 2-3. You'll want this mechanics to go off where the spinning robot will also be in range. Run to 2 of the poles + the robot and it's more than enough to clean up all of the adds.

    Aerial Oppression Unit - this is a fun fight and can be tackled in different ways. The initial fight if your looking at the boss, I will pull him to the right corner, basically 5 oclock. I haven't had to move for the initial big waves from this spot until the adds spawn.
    Once the adds spawn, use some movement based CC. Hunter traps/earthbind totem, overall the boss should be close to transitioning to phase 2.

    Here is where it gets good/interesting.
    You only need to bring one character up to the top to complete this phase. You can leave the rest of your team at the ramp (leave them at the top of the ramp so they don't get hit with aoe from the boss). Having a character with decent movement makes this cleaner, I use a hunter but anything will work. Once you discharge, burn your speed boost and reconnect with the team and burn down the boss.

    If your DPS is not super high SAVE your hero/bloodlust/cooldowns, and just work the boss as best you can below 50% hp.
    With 5x Druids using 1 tank 4x DPS I can drop the boss using Hero in that phase, but with traditional tank/3x dps/healer, it needs two cycles.
    If you don't have the dps to drop use the Hero and cooldowns on the next phase which is technically the first phase. The reason it's important here is because the adds spawn much quicker than when you initially fight him and it makes it more complicated to survive while dodging more mechanics. Then just repeat the same as before and it's done.


    Pummeler and Gnomercy - Tank Pummeler, and use the rest of the team to DPS / burn down Gnomercy, try to stay as far away as possible during the venting aoe. Once Gnomercy is down - break the armor on the Pummeler and its a pretty straightforward fight. This was the first time I made a /follow macro that did not include the tank, it comes in very useful on other fights in the game and very needed.

    Kujo- This fight requires a dispel, so for my 5x druid team I swapped one of the boomkin resto.
    Mechanics are straight forward. Stack as a team, as soon as crate is about to drop - move decently away. When able to use Venting Flames run behind the box. Then move decently away and make sure the next box drop isn't near the other one.
    As soon as he's about to do the leap move, use a spread out macro (don't be near a box), just keep dispels going when the dot is applied. As long as you follow mechanics can do this fight for a long time if needed.

    Machinists - most likely one of the easier fights in the dungeon. Having movement healing/dps makes it easier but just dodge the mechanics. The important ones to dodge is the spinning blade but the aoe ground disorient the boss does is the highest priority.

    King Mechagon - This is the one!! Super mechanics. Phase 1 is a repeatable pattern.
    Stack your team and dodge the swirling on the ground together as a unit. You'll want a strafe left/right and forward key for your entire team. Second ability is a target a single character and move them away from group - you need to swap to that screen to move them or create control that character key in isboxer. These are found in Key Maps - Base Hotkeys - Hold to Control. I personally use the hotkey just to swap to that screen which is found in Character Sets - (name of char set) hotkey to swap to this character.

    After two rotations of this, he does an aoe and you need to move away as much as you can to have it do less damage. Once complete its the same rotation - Swirlies, Single target attack, Swirlies, Single target attack, AoE move.

    Phase 2 is the real deal.
    He always needs something in melee range or he does a special move would practically wipes the team, which made this difficult on a Druid team - but after further thought I think using a combination of Treants for each Boomkin would suffice and make this doable.
    Either way using a Traditional setup and having Hunters with pets is ideal.
    Swirlies is the first mechanic, group up together and dodge. Then it's Giga Zap - this is the one to worry about. If you reference SerScruffington's videos on his later attempts you can see the method but you run away as a group and then spread out sideways. While this is happening there can still be swirlies, so also moving forward when that happens is crucial. Once the 3rd Giga Zap is done run back close to the boss and continue DPS.
    On this fight, it's better to play it safe and do this mechanic as much as possible, so after every Magento Arm or Swirlies I transition to the spread out phase.
    Additionally in phase 2 pop all cooldowns.

    It's important to note, do not give up on the last boss if you lose 2 or 3 players. I ended up smudging mechanics on one of my runs and got him to 15% with 2 left (healer/tank) and still won the fight, you just need to be able to spread the Giga Zap damage as one person can't take all 3 shots.

    After further thoughts on this dungeon. I'm really happy with it. It has improved my multiboxing skills to an even higher level and with 8.3 coming they are making a heroic version so it will be less punishing. If you haven't tried it yet I would give it a shot!

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