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    Default Newb needs help...

    HEy guys, been tempted to do multiboxing for so many years (just 2 accounts) and finally decided to do it.

    I use Hotkeysnet, and I have a giant issue that i've spent 8 hours on as we speak, and im getting really frustrated.

    I've looked the internet thick and thin.

    Whenever I load a script etc, only ONE window works (out of two). There's one whole window which does not register buttons AT ALL. Only one of them.

    I have tried multiple scripts, run everything as administrator, updated windows, wow, run as repair, tried renaming things, deleted software, disabled avast, ate a banana, run in different windows modes etc...
    I even looked up guides on the internet, following them VERY Closely, but it does not simply work. And if you're looking for my script: I used everyone you can find on the internet.

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    Without seeing your script it is more or less impossible for anyone to try and troubleshoot it.

    Off the top of my head and with no further information my first guess is the hidden window problem. How are you handling that?

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    What is hidden window problem and how do I get rid of that issue?
    This is my script

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    Essentially everytime you launch a WoW game client, another invisible window with the same name is launched and you end up renaming and sending keystrokes to those windows instead of your game clients.. This is just something WoW does for whatever reason. It began somewhere mid Legion I believe.

    There were plenty of threads about it during the time and people suggested different solutions to the issue. For example here: in post #3 someone suggests just adding more renaming lines to your script and that is apparently working for them.

    HKN is fading out in popularity, so not many people who actively use these boards actually use it anymore. Due to it having been out of development for years and ISBoxer offering what is generally considered a better experience it's more or less a niche software at this point...

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