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    Default Guidance for Targeting/Redundancy wow Macros.

    Hi All, i've leveled a team to 60 but never had the time to look into this properly and this left me in a pretty bad state. Currently i'm running hard coded macros that all target my main char and /cast [@targetTarget], needless to say its pretty terrible when he dies and or pvp.

    I was thinking of making some sort of setup with isBoxer WowMacros so that when i play solo i also wouldn't have to change things around however i'm seeing tons of options and i'm not really sure which one is correct.

    Ideally i was thinking of something with two actions first being target current persons target and on key up cast the spell however i'm not sure if this is the right approach and even how to set this up properly. There also seems to be some things half setup but, confused as to which to use so i'm looking for guidance to not mess things up a second time.


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    Isboxer has that built in but for binds 1-10 but you can always add

    that specific target system by copying it from one of binds to your specific binds.

    Also, you can simply add /assist xwy and then /cast xwy .

    Dunno, I don't see the use for the solo but this way it can work both ways.
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    My binds are Shift 1-10 Alt 1-10 Ctrl 1-10 and Shift,Alt,Ctrl 1-10 ANd I use a Naga Chroma and love it... and of course 1-10
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