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    Default AOE-Damage compare 4 Locks+Priest vs. 3 Locks + Pala + Priest


    which team is better aoe-damage wise?

    Team 1: 4 Locks + Priest
    Team 2: 3 Locks + Priest + Pala

    Team 1 has 4 DPS with hellfire spam but only 70% pushback resistance
    Team 2 has only 3 (real) DPS with hellfire spam but 100% pushback resistance (pala concentration aura).


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    This was discussed in a previous thread.

    The DPS can be close due to no pushback plus the Paladin can Tank and do some AoE and reflect damage as well...

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    DPS will not be an issue with any of these team, team with 3 warlocks will be safer to play in dungeons and have an easier time with boss fights while all ranged team will be better for outdoor play, it depends how much do you want do grind dungeons and engage in pvp, but 4 warlocks work better on Horde side since you can cannibalize and conserve a lot of your priests's mana while blessing of salvation and aoe tanking is amazing on alliance side.
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    The pali tank can also spam out heals too by running a prot/holy hybrid build, which would help out with the healing with 3 locks blowing themselves up.

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    I’m sure you could do 4 warlocks and a paladin healer with voids for tanks. My soul link lock with some pug mc gear now has nearly 5000 hp... if you were trying to maximize DPS and keep the 100% uptime.

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