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    Default Decursing/Cleansing Multiple Targets?

    Just curious how people handle dispelling, decursing, cleansing, etc with their setups. Is there any addons available that people are using that you could keybind and then have your whole group cycle through your party or raid removing debuffs (and not having everyone overlap).

    I feel like I remember using this decursive addon on my mage years ago, but it had boxes that I had to click on, i dont remember being able to keybind it or I just didnt realise you could.

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    I've spent some time thinking about this as well.

    I have decurse and dispell magic on the same keybind. From what I've seen, and I haven't paid that much attention, the spell doesn't cast unless there's actually something to dispell, so that's kind of nice. I also only have it bound on one mage and my priest, vs all mages and priest. In the future I'd likely use a round robin setup on the mages and have the priest cast it always. But theoretically it might be beneficial to have the weakest mage be responsible for decursing. From what I remember of playing a healer in vanilla, dispelling is rather expensive. Unless you're doing an encounter where its' required, I'm more likely to let a debuff sit. Curses typically are bad but again I don't think there are many encounters where the curse needs to be dispelled immediately.

    Decursive used clique-esque modifiers (for classic like priests who can dispell magic or dispell diseases) in vanilla and I'd be surprised if that doesn't exist today. It was really only valuable in raids, as a multiboxer in 5 man scenarios I would think it's easier just to use a click bar with decurse attached to a keybind. Functionally it's the same, you likely would already be using this to heal from your tank, and it wouldn't add additional space on your screen.

    These are just thoughts though, someone else may have real opinions.
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    EDIT: Yes i know i have 2x Ress , thats just an extra button.

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