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    Default how to reset dungeon in my case


    I am a 5 chars multi-boxer, last day I use my wow1, wow2 , wow3, wow4 , Four chars to dungeon Maraudon , these 4 is in a group , and left wow5 wait in inn for reset , wow5 not in group .

    when I finish dungeon , I try the following method to reset , but none works

    1: join wow5 , give team leader to him , and other 4 chars return to char select UI then re-enter . in this process, wow1----wow4 do not quit team
    2: join wow5 , give team leader to him , other 4 chars quit team and return to char select UI , wow5 reset dungeon , then wow1---wow4 enter .

    could somebody tell me what is the correct way to reset dungeon , which can let my wow1---wow4 after quit and re-enter , just raise in the entrance of Maraudon.

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    Credits to Soc:

    1. Form your party into a raid group
    2. Invite a 6th member, this can be an alt, friend, or 2nd account
    3. Make the 6th member the party leader of the group
    4. Have all 5 members of the group logout of the game
    5. Once they are logged out, the 6th member can reset the dungeon by right clicking their
    portrait, and once its done should alert the other players.
    6. When the 5 party members log back in, the dungeon should be reset and all players
    should be back at the entrance ready to clear again.

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    thank you , seems like my method 2 , just except you change group to a raid , let me try it when today back home .

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