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    I consider Holy Nova the MVS (most valuable spell) in my WMMMP team. The best thing about it is that it has a huge range and you can kill runners with it. It has saved me countless wipes by taking out runners, you just save Holy Nova spam until the mobs are mostly dead.

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    L30-42 Scarlet Monastery: I mostly followed the OP's guide. Every level I kept thinking that it'd more exp/hour if I jumped up 1 instance - but then I'd run slower so I'd drop back down to the easier instance until I got to the OP's recommendation. My only real deviation was that I started running SM:Armory at L37 to get the 2H Axe for my Warrior. At L37 this was actually less exp/hour than I was getting in the Library, but I did eventually get my Axe which he used all the way through ZF.

    L43 Razorfen Downs: I ran RFD a few times. Running the dungeon all the way through the 1st time for quests was terrible in terms of exp/hour. It may be OK at 41 or 42 if you get tired of SM:Cathedral early, but it will be less exp/hour. But after my 1st time through I switched to taking the 1st right when you enter the instance and just running up the spire to the end boss. That was ~30k exp/hour which wasn't terrible and it got me the Robes of the Lich on each of my casters. I would have locked out if I tried to run it more than 5 times as I was clearing the whole thing in about 7 min.

    L43-45 & 47-49 Zul Farrak: I see some people saying that L43-44 is too low for ZF, but it was really good exp/hour and generally quite safe to clear up to the scarab room and then farm all the zombies + boss. Just don't bother with the other bosses until you're at least L45 though. One piece I am kicking myself for failing to realize earlier is that you can mount up to pull and gather mobs - that really makes it more efficient.

    L46-47 Hinterlands: I made the mistake of trying to do the Jin'tha Alor elite quests too early. I started up the hill at L46 and dinged 47 on all toons before I got to the top. The climb was OK, just a little slow. But once you get to the top you need to kill Vile Priestess Hexx (L51) she has a big heal you need to interrupt and at L47 my counterspells kept missing. I really should have waited until L48 at the minimum if not L49.

    In terms of making gold, I highly recommend having Enchanting on one of your chars once you start Armory. With only 1 skill point in Enchanting you can Disenchant everything. Starting with Herod and Cathedral the blues DE to small radiant shards which are worth ~4g each. So once you have the gear you need, just have your enchanter loot all the BoP blues. Don't bother DEing the greens from anywhere in SM - you're better off just vendoring them. However, once you get to ZF you're generally better off to DE all the greens you get (more gold and more bag space).

    SM is also great for leveling herbalism. Every wing in SM always has at least 1 herb - often multiple. I was up to 260 skill in herbalism by the time I left. Herbing also gave my tank something to do for a few seconds in between pulls while the Mages and Priest were drinking.

    You will get piles of Silk and Mageweave with all the SM and ZF runs. I leveled 4 casters up to 260 tailoring skill just from these runs. At 260 you can start making Mooncloth on cool down. There really isn't a good use for all the extra silk you'll get, and there's nothing worth crafting to vendor or disenchant from all the silk either - you're best off turning it all into heavy silk bandages to vendor (something else you can have your tank do while the mages are drinking.) The Mageweave is at least worth auctioning or can be turned into bags for a small profit. I recommend getting all the skillups from making Mageweave bags as you can, although once you get to 260 skill you can start doing Runecloth bags which along with Mooncloth will take you all the way to 300 tailoring skill.

    L49-50: Did 1 Mara run for quest rewards and some tank gear - fricken hated it. 4 wipes? 5? The big flowers on the orange side do an AOE stun. The slimes cannot be AE'd - can't get within melee range. The dinosaurs have an AOE silence and there's a fair number of pats. Mara has to be the worst run back in the game. And to make it worse, if you're doing a run from the scepter portal, then have your healer die - you have to run in to orange or purple side 1st to res, then run back around to the portal. Ugh! All of my problems could have been prevented if I knew what I should have been doing ahead of time. Exp/hr started off in the 50k+ range which was better than I was doing in ZF but it went to @#$! once I started wiping. Once was enough for me. Got the warrior his ring on the 1st drop. Never doing that one again. Gold/hour was worse in Mara than it was in ZF.

    L50-51: Did all the class quests and then ST 1 time for quest rewards. The travel required for all class quests was really slow and probably not worth it, but I felt like a noob running around with the Mara tank trinket on all my casters (but I didn't have any other trinkets yet). As others said the troll circle in ST is pretty good exp/hour and likely worth doing in its own right. I was easily sustaining 50-60k/hour, just dropped lower when I did the bosses. At L51, I could not "solo" the last dragon. He'd just sleep my tank and then kill a dps. By the time I woke up and taunted he'd just sleep me again and kill another mage. I wiped and tried again with the same result, but didn't really need the kill, so I just skipped. Gold/hour was also worse in ST than it was in ZF - so tired of all the mageweave. Only reason I didn't stay and farm ST longer was that I wanted to get to BRD early.

    L52-55 BRD Prison and RoL: Wow is Gor'Shek farm awesome exp/hour! Easily over 80k/hour, even with looting. But at 52 and 53 I was getting some random mage deaths that would drop me down to 50-60k/hour. I do get bored with just grinding easily, so I experimented with prison farm which was 50-60k/hour and then some progression through BRD. The ring of law has been easy enough, so I'll add that to my farm route. I did all the lower BRD quest lines at 52 & 53, but that was even lower exp/hour. At 52 I couldn't do Angerforge yet, will try again once I get to 54. Heal rank 2 is still proving to be enough and very efficient tank healing spam. I did need to re-spec my tank for better single target threat, using a 2H in Arms spec wasn't cutting it anymore. But a 1H+Shield and a proper tank spec (11/5/XX) and he's doing great. The gold & cloth is great - finally better than what I was doing in ZF. With the last rank of AE at L54, it really does speed up even more.

    L55-57 BRD Back 1/2: I was getting so tired of the Gor'Shek farm - it's good exp and g/hour, but so fricking boring. I think I'd subconsciously, accidentally, let him die after 10 iterations or so just so I could do something else. I was adding in the Ring of Law and Prymancer Lorgrain at L52 a, then Angerforge at L54, Golem at L55, and Grim Guzzler at L55 also (killing all the patrons is decent exp). Bael'Gar, The Vault and Incendius were easy enough at L55, but not worth repeating - lower exp/hour. About L57 I was pushing all the way to the end, but having problems with positioning on Magmus. I had all the numbers, but not the skill to save the Princess at 57 or 58 (I really need to set up round-robin for counterspell, but I've been lazy) The back 1/2 of BRD was a nice break to do something different, but it was 1/2 the exp as I was getting with all the dwarves up front.

    L57 DM:E: Being tired of BRD, I went over to DM:E for a change of pace. I enjoyed the run, but it was terribly slow, wiped once pulling too many trees. Exp and Gold per hour were 1/2 what I was doing in BRD, but I got the key and did all the class book>trinket quests. I'll need to figure out how to farm this faster later as DM:E jump runs are supposed to be quite profitable. I just wasn't seeing it at L57.

    L58-60 LBRS: I jumped into LBRS at L58 and was immediately back to doing 80k+ exp/hour farming the Orbs. The mobs are positioned better for easier clearing than they are in the back 1/2 of BRD. The ogres go a bit slower. I haven't gotten any great drops, but it does seem like every clear I'm getting a handful of 5-20g blues that sell quickly. LBRS has been great gold/hour - well over 100g/hour. Gear upgrades seemed nice also.

    60+, I still need gear from just about every dungeon. But I finished my 1-60 grind with over 1000g in the bank. On one hand I'm happy to be "done" so now I can start playing the "real game". On the other hand I'm already thinking about doing it over again. I checked my /played and I'm already over 12 days, but at least 1/2 of that is me sitting around trying to figure out control, making macro's, etc.
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    How to possible 10 - 30 leveling route with MMMMM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by excepter View Post
    How to possible 10 - 30 leveling route with MMMMM?
    If you stay with 5M you may have trouble following this guide which is designed around 4MP.

    Most people multiboxing are leveling in instances 10+ but those teams typically have a healer in it. If you are not level 10 yet (or just barely level 10ish) it may be better in the long run to go from 5M to 4MP so you have a Healer (shield+fort help alot with mages).

    If you are going to stay 5M and having trouble with instances you may want to try to farm HyperSpawns but that will likely be slower than instances. Hyperspawns can also be painful on a PVP server (especially if controlled by the other faction).

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    Thanks for the guide. How long does it take to level up for each level interval? 1-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine View Post
    The Doan is quite simple,you drag him out of his room, whilst placing your mages in front of him (near the 2 pillars in the hall before his room) and placing your disc behind mages (and out of reach of silence).

    Then, when he silences your mages, you can simply dispel them and when he does his nova you just line of sight now with entire team by following your priest, then you simply step backwards with your mages and with your priest you go across mages and finish him off.

    Then it's matter of time before he dies.
    I'm running the classic WMMMP and I found the easiest way was to leave all my casters in the little threshold and to have my warrior charge, sunder, and then pull Doan near to his lockbox. From there, your casters can fireball/pyro/heal and never get silenced. I found that 1 in 10 times the warrior gets sheeped near the end, and 4/10 times the healer gets sheeped. This never caused a wipe.

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    @Feomater that can really vary quite a bit based on the individual - especially how much you want to just do the dungeon mob grind vs boss fights (bosses are about the loot, but never good exp/hour). I found a lot of my own time taking my 1st group from 1-60 was spent learning how to control everyone, what sort of spells & "rotation" was needed, etc. If I followed the exact same path again I'd expect I could do it in 1/2 - 1/4 the time it took on round 1 (even with the recent Gor'Shek nerf).

    I don't recall how fast I did 1-12, but it was quick - 1 afternoon session. Once I got into RFC and figured out what I was doing (took a run or two to learn the pulls and re-keymap just about everything) I was in the 20k/hour area. I left early to to WC, but that was a loss of exp/hour. In BRD and SFK I was just a bit below 30k/hour when I wasn't making mistakes. Once I got to SM, my exp/hour just about exactly matched my level - i.e. 30k/hour when I started at L30 and got up to just over 40k/hour when I left at L41. ZF was a nice bump up to nearly 50k/hour - even when I was just doing zombies and scarabs when I started at L43. ST can be 60k/hour if you just do the mob grind at level 50-52. BRD is an easy 60-80k/hour doing the prison and ring of law farms. LBRS at L58+ had me over 80k/hour doing the orc & troll sections - slower in the ogre area and once I got the spider parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderkoww View Post
    I'm running the classic WMMMP and I found the easiest way was to leave all my casters in the little threshold and to have my warrior charge, sunder, and then pull Doan near to his lockbox. From there, your casters can fireball/pyro/heal and never get silenced. I found that 1 in 10 times the warrior gets sheeped near the end, and 4/10 times the healer gets sheeped. This never caused a wipe.
    There is a difference in running a WMMMP as opposed to MMMMP, however this guide is not 100% buletproof, it's from my research what are best routes after reaching lv 1-60 in mere 5 days or something after I have leveled WWWWP beforehand and tested things.

    There is always room for adaptation, however from my personal exp this is extremly fast leveling process if you follow this guide and have some extra gold to spend on some items, mainly the starter items.

    I'll most likely make a BC arena pvp guide and leveling guide/solo guide for SSSSP or SSSSS given I have experience, might pair up with Kruschpak for 5vs5 as he has more xp with pvp boxing (i am more of arena junkie 3vs3/2vs2/).
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