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    Quote Originally Posted by StingraY View Post
    Of course it is as he listed it on the recommended equipment.

    I've ran into issues trying to find this mob so I figured I'd ask the guy that had to farm it five times at least.
    I think the point is now your question is buried on page 8 of a leveling guide, whereas if you had just made a standalone thread asking the same question, many more eyes would be on it and you'd likely get a better answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StingraY View Post
    Any advice on getting Tsu'zee? I've been doing Jed like checks for this spawn and haven't had much luck. I've been using an ornate spyglass to try and find it but it just doesn't seem to spawn. Is it just incredibly rare? Appreciate the advice.
    I've farmed 2 pieces and then I gave up since the drop rate with the rare spawn is so rare I cba. There is a quest in dire maul from King's tribute that takes 10x less time to obtain (from DM W).
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