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    Quote Originally Posted by StingraY View Post
    Of course it is as he listed it on the recommended equipment.

    I've ran into issues trying to find this mob so I figured I'd ask the guy that had to farm it five times at least.
    I think the point is now your question is buried on page 8 of a leveling guide, whereas if you had just made a standalone thread asking the same question, many more eyes would be on it and you'd likely get a better answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StingraY View Post
    Any advice on getting Tsu'zee? I've been doing Jed like checks for this spawn and haven't had much luck. I've been using an ornate spyglass to try and find it but it just doesn't seem to spawn. Is it just incredibly rare? Appreciate the advice.
    I've farmed 2 pieces and then I gave up since the drop rate with the rare spawn is so rare I cba. There is a quest in dire maul from King's tribute that takes 10x less time to obtain (from DM W).
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    Hello guys im stuck and need little help im run WMMMP team and i was going through that guide. Im stuck on lv 26 im read some ppl say they grind rfk boars but my dmg to them = 0 if not using fireball how do it?(tried blizzard and arcane expolsion) some advance will be very helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qussu View Post
    Hello guys im stuck and need little help im run WMMMP team and i was going through that guide. Im stuck on lv 26 im read some ppl say they grind rfk boars but my dmg to them = 0 if not using fireball how do it?(tried blizzard and arcane expolsion) some advance will be very helpful.
    Stuck how? Ran out of quests and have to farm mobs to be able to increase a level to get new quests? Cant you farm some dungeon? Arent there any questing addon like the "azeroth auto pilot" or similar, but for classic? Most likely you have missed quests somewhere.
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    Im going through that guide and done quest only to lv 14 and some on 23. Then im gone only for dungeon but now its rly hard to kill them in rfk can u share with me your tactic what skill u using? Maybe im doing something wrong. I put talents like in first page but using arcane its hard. I will download this azeroth auto pilot and try it.

    Guys can u tell me How many exp per hour u get on lv 28 and higher? I have something like 6k and is going very slowly. I read that some ppl have +20k. Some advice?
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    With the MMMMP (or WMMMP), what does your rotation look like on your mages & priest? Do you have to change that up between dungeons (elites mobs) and open world questing? Maybe its because I main a raiding mage, but I can't really imagine tanking with the mage.

    Side question. If the focus is on AOE, wouldn't a Druid tank work better than a warrior - for those who want to swap out one of their mages for tank.

    *edit* to answer my own question, AOE is either straight AE or Flame Strike + AE once you get that. I generally shield my tank before the pull, run in with everyone and start Flame Strike, then AE+HN once the strikes hits.

    Single target is just fireball spam (at least at low levels). All the way to L30 I have my priest alternating between smiting, doing nothing and casting lesser heal on tank.
    Warrior as a tank is pretty useless up though at least L30. Most stuff dies before he gets a hit in. I started him with a 1H+shield, but dropped for a 2H because he's not really taking damage anyway.
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    I'm generally following this guide, but doing WMMMP. I also generally try to clear every dungeon at level - not because that's optimal leveling, but its just something I enjoy doing. I always have to learn a few things the hard way myself - which generally gets me back to what the OP had for his level recommendations.

    1-12 - Quested in Tirisfal. Went to Org at 13 to pick up the RFC quests. The lieutanant's ensignia that you need in the cave outside Org is one of few quests where the quest item does not drop for the whole party at one time - each slave needs their own kill which was annoying.

    13-17 RFC. 13 was doable - but difficult. Mostly a learning experience about how to pull, which to pull, how not to chain pull. Critical note - make sure you have wands before you start. Only had enough mana to burst down 2 1/2 mobs, then all 3 mages were oom. Now that I know what I'm doing, if I level a 2nd group it would have probably been simple enough at 12-13. Back at 14 and with wands - much easier. AOE'able at 16 ( I don't think I had any AOE before 16???). Stopped at 17, exp seemed be slowing. Maybe 6-8 runs total?

    18-21 WC. I started at 18 after gathering all quests. Easy enough to just burn down casters from a distance. Weird having my tank doing nothing on most fights. Need to watch mobs that sleep and that run and chain pull. Stopped at 21 to turn in quests - 2 full runs + 3rd partial for more hides. Wiped at least 2x because mobs running off to chain pull while I was oom.

    22 - did initial ashenvale quests (bring 5 blunderbus's). Mistakenly thought I needed to do the 16x satyr horns, so ended up grinding out 1 1/2 levels on those - that was a mistake. Note that there's 2 different Satry camps, one had mobs 26-28 and the L28 mobs (6 levels over my level) were really hard. The area with mobs L25-27 was SOOOOooooo much easier. Still had to mostly single target though, becuase 2x L27 mobs and I'd go oom. Nice to have 4x warsong sash's, decent blue for my warrior also. I'd recommend the author add this quest to his list of recommended.

    23-34 SFK. Started at L23. Had to do a mix of single target and AOE pulls. Multiple wipes learning which mobs have AOE silence. Easy enough to pull correctly once you know how to pull it, just remember to drop off the kids a ways back before some pulls. I could not burn the final boss at L23, just kept wiping. Re-ran at L24, wiped once but got the boss down by just burning him and healing through it.

    L24 - Tarren Mill battle of hillsbrad quests. Very easy to AOE them all. But it finishes with 2 quests to kill L30 mobs. Doable at 6 levels higher than me, but I went oom on all casters and needed mana pots to finish off. Recommend waiting till L25 for the L30 mob quests next time.

    L25 - Ashenvale quests out by Zoram Strand & Thistlefur Village. Very easy to AOE them all. Stayed for a while to farm pages and herbs/ore.

    L26-28 - BFD. Pretty straight forward, but wiped 2x - the murlock room chain pulled when I didn't pull them back far enough. Then on my 2nd run, I wiped again again just before the brazier room - damn humans running to get help. If anything, my problem was that it seemed "too easy" so I was overconfident doing mass pulls.

    L28-29 - Back to Tarren Mill and Dun Garok quests. Ended up grinding almost a whole level in Azure Load in the mine in Tarren Mill. In hind sight I should have done something else. I feel like I could have optimized some quests runs in here, will change this up if I do it again.

    L30-31 - RFK. Just did 1 run to finish warrior quest (mistakenly thought I needed that for Beserker stance - you don't, just kill the guys on the island). Very easy to AOE pull. But I did wipe one time because I forgot the bats do an AOE silence. Its easy enough to single target them from distance, but that's what I get for charging in and trying to AE everything.

    L31+ On to SM....

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    Glad that you liked it.

    Keep it up.
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    Hi fellow multiboxers,

    At first, I want to thank Peregrine for the guide.

    And for those who are struggling with Gor'shak at "low lvl" MMMMP party - see guide below.

    I started Gorshak at lvl 52, at this level the fight may be difficult and someone from party will die occasionally (chances are high if 2x57 lvl elites spawn).
    Anyway, even with a few deaths it was still quiet good, easy and reliable source of xp and gold.

    I had to solve one problem first, I wasn't able to manage unpredictable agro on +- equally equipped mages with the same dmg/threat with my healer.

    Solution: just take one mage with the best survivability (most HP, armor etc.) and don't spend points on "Burning Soul" talent on selected mage at levels 52 and 53 (you can take it later, just wait till 55 or so). However, take this talent on all other mages.
    Without "Burning Soul" on one mage is aggro way more predictable, so you know who needs flash heals.

    Use class buffs: int buff + stam buff on mages + spirit on priest.
    And reminder - don't forget to use Amplify Magic on all mages. AM helps a lot in this fight.
    Enchants, armor patches on legs etc. can help. But no special gear needed, I did this with mostly SM equip on mages and priest.

    Before each pull:
    1 mana shield on all mages (aggro is more predictable, but you never know who resists/crits...)
    2 precast powerword shield on at least two/three mages before you start the quest (be careful with shielding during combat).
    Trick is to use 2x shields on you "tank" during single fight.
    Shield has 30s duration + 15s weakness soul debuff. If you time your shields properly you end up with ~10s of shield duration at the beginning of the fight. So you are able to cast second shield once first is destroyed and then just spam flash heals.
    3 let Gorshak to aggro first pack
    4 once second pack spawns start casting Flame Strike
    5 the spam Arcane Explosion, refresh shield on "tank" once first is destroyed and then spam flash heals.

    Every level makes the fight easier, even lvl 53 is significant improvement. And at higher levels you can skip steps 1 and/or 2.
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    Default Don't you use Holy Nova?

    I was really surprised to see the OP had the priest taking Holy Nova (HN) so late in the build (L53). I don't know if this is because I'm doing WMMMP instead of MMMMP, or maybe I'm doing something wrong and I'll realize it later (currently L42, still farming SM:Cath), but I'm really relying on using a ton of HN.

    For my AOE pulls, I toss a PW:shield on my tank and use him to gather all mobs by facepulling & shouting. Once I have the mobs gathered, I cast flamestrike on each of 3 mages (which generally pulls aggro off the tank). Then I spam Arcane Explosion and HN, while trying to taunt or sunder armor with my warrior until everything is dead.

    It generally works very well, but leveling through my 20's and 30's I had 2 problems. 1) my priest was pulling healing aggro during the pull and 2) I was running out of mana on my priest long before my mages, and long before everything was dead

    The 1st issue was easy to fix by making sure to do the initial PW:Shield while out of combat, before charging in - then limiting any healing until flamestrikes begin dropping. PW:S causes aggro when the spell is cast, not when it actually prevents damage. So if you cast it out of combat, before the pull, then there's no healing aggro during the pull. I know this is generally considered bad for tanking as the PW:S robs the tank of rage, but when I'm just face pulling anyway and I'm controlling all the dps it works fine. For similar reasons, it's fine to cast renew on my tank before a single target pull (e.g a boss), but I learned not to cast renew at all during an AOE pull, as renew causes healing aggro as soon as it ticks.

    I've learned that my ability to AOE pull mobs is effectively limited to my tanks effective health + precombat shield. I run around and gather mobs until my tank is below 50% health, and then by the time he's below 25% health I need to have my mage AOE and HN going off. I can extend this a bit with a potion on my tank if needed, but doing any healing when surrounded by a 6-12 mobs, before the mages go off just leads to priest death and a run back.

    I had initially tried 5/5 Silent Resolve (20% reduced threat) on my priest to reduce healing aggro, and 3/3 Imp Inner Fire (more armor) as well as stacking more stam to survive the hits, but that didn't work. It wasn't a matter of my healer generating more threat per second than my other chars it was a matter of several mobs not having any aggro on them other than the face pull aggro from the tank. Now that I've fixed my pulling mechanics, I've gone from pulling aggro with my healer and trying to survive it, to having 0 aggro from my healer (Holy Nova causes no aggro) and never getting hit.

    To fix the oom issue I tried a few things, but the ultimate solution was to stack more Int and fix my priest talents. I initially thought I wanted more regen so I tried 5/5 Spirit Tap, but that does not help at all as the amount of time in combat is very short - so even when it procs regularly, it doesn't actually increase the amount of mana available for HN.

    To increase mana on the priest you manly need to focus on +int gear. This was initially a challenge fore me as I felt I also needed more stam due to my aggro issue. But once I fixed my aggro issue I was able to drop stam in favor of more int for my priest. (This also let me focus any +stam cloth to my mages as they can actually drop some int to get more stam as they seem to have plenty of mana for their AOE rotation.) I was also then free to drop Silent Resolve and Imp Inner fire.

    I swapped my priest talents around to look like this:

    I had always thought of Inner Focus as a dps boost, but I think my main benefit is a free HN. 5/5 Mental Agility and 5/5 Mental Strength also seem key to get more HN. This build does get to Power Infusion much later than the OP's build, but I haven't really seen a need for it yet. In fact I think I'm going to macro PI+IF to HN as an "Oh $#!%" instant heal & dps button. I'm already finding that during the pull, I'm better off casting another holy nova than I am stopping that to toss a shield/flash heal on whichever mage has aggro.

    For boss pulls, I give my tank a second to get aggro, then have my mages just chain casting fireballs while my priest is either 1) doing nothing, 2) casting smite, 3) casting low level head on my tank. With an actual warrior tanking (even with a 2H in Arms spec) bosses are much lower risk than AOE packs. I don't think I've ever wiped on a boss, unless I completely messed up a mechanic (forgot to stop the kids from running into Herod in SM:Armory or ignoring LoS on Argual in SFK).

    Up through Herod I had my priest casing Lesser Heal (Rank 3) on my tank every time my mages cast fireball. Herod made me switch to Heal (Rank 1) which is still a lot of overhealing, but I can spam that all day. I'm sure I'll bump that up to Rank 2 & 3 eventually, but I don't really see any need to do anything to improve my single target healing throughput or regen.

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