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    Hi All!

    I've been levelling WMMMP until 44 now and had no issues just running in and using AE while using the priest to spot heal the mage taking aggro. The warrior has been pretty much defunct and being boosted.

    However i've noticed that now my mages are starting to take a lot more damage in ZF/Uld etc and i'm finding it hard to spot heal.

    I've seen from other threads people using PoM/Flamestrike then using AE. Can anyone elaborate on this method or do i just need to gear my mages more and carry on the way i have been.

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    I run WMMLP and am at 45 atm, I round them up on my warrior, nova>flamestrike>CoC>AE/Hellfire spam until dead, I switched to using Ice Armor now combined with a shatter build with Ice Barrier to.

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    I did a 5 mage team to 60 and could do ST/ZG fairly easily - going frost with shatter is big for surviving, not just for Ice Barrier but the frost nova/AE combo keeping them at a distance. It's not as much DPS loss as you'd think since every third or so AE is a crit and CoC can do huge damage too.

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