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    Default 5xShaman or 4xShaman+Druid

    Hey guys I want to try out a new comp using shamans and I was wondering what were your experiences with it?
    Did you manage to clear all 5 man content with it, can you just burst mobs and bosses down with elemental build or do you need to create a trinity setup later on by gearing one of them for tanking?

    Would a proper tank make the runs faster and easier? I would replace one shaman with a HotW druid tank which would also allow me to use the druid for pvp with this comp

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    I did 1x druid 4x shaman. Although warrior would be just as good or better unless you have plans for the druid.

    I've clear all dungeons and up to rend. I am not sure if i coupd do the same with an all shaman team, some of those boss have alot of damage and shamans dont have any ice blocks, blinks, or CC to manage the fight to give time to burst down.

    I find 1x tank and 4x ele shaman have really good clear times, just be sure to get alot of mage water. 3x enh and 1x resto is more slow and steady and i can usually go without drinking much at all, 3x warriors would be than 3x enh but i like going ele from time to time

    ive done1x boomkin and 4x ele. Tons of burst, can clear trash super fast, probably best for farming trash and most bosses. If dont care about skipping some bosses, 5x would be great. But some bosses that just be burst, they destory my team. And the tank is needed, so i put on tank gear and go bear.
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    I think a HoTW Druid brings a lot of flexibility to the team and is a wise choice.

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    5 shamans for world PvP, get a tank for dungeon grinding. You can always lvl a shaman on the druid account later and get a full 5 shaman set

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    I love my 5 Shaman team they are level 49 and they pwned I took out 2 warriors at 60 and quite a few 60's Lighting bolt and chain Lighting are amazing and my talents are not even all they way in ele yet ..

    and my hear is pretty much all Scarlet Monastery I did pick up a few blues as well.
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    I already saw a video explaining that shaman can be a viable tank for 5man content, you should watch You tube about that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wzz81 View Post
    I already saw a video explaining that shaman can be a viable tank for 5man content, you should watch You tube about that
    Sorta, though that is true for almost any class once you have uber gear, set bonuses, trinkets, specials, etc. A druid tank, while not perhaps as capable at some things as a warrior, will almost always be a better tank than a shaman outside of gimmick fights. Just more tools in the toolbox for that role, IMO.
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