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    Default Slot swap macro and renderscale not working

    Heya, i just tried to hop on retail for the first time in about 4-5 months and noticed my Slotswap macro for changing graphicsViewDistance and Renderscale do not work. The method i used was the same as the multiboxology slow-swap video by incorporating it into my "when you switch to this character Do the mapped key" with jambamaster added. Worked amazingly before, and i havent changed anything, but it doesnt work now.

    Has anything changed with this method? Did i miss something i need to change?

    Edit: Fixed the issue. There was an issue with colliding keymaps/variables/helpers. I was unable to locate the exact issue, but I did narrow it down to the jamba isboxer preset keymaps. After removing all jamba isboxer preset keymaps the issue cleared up. If I decipher the exact issue i will re-edit.
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