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    Default Anyone leveling both retail and classic teams?

    I don't think I'm going to dungeon grind anymore without rested XP. I was thinking of starting another team to get their rested XP stocked then playing them when the other team is resting.

    At first I thought about doing a Night elf team of druid tank/warrior/rogue/hunter/priest. But then I might get burnt out on leveling them from 0-20 (which is the worst....). So I thought a retail team might be fun, because at least I can dungeon queue on them. Problem is I haven't boxed retail since Cata and have no idea how annoying it is to multibox retail, some of the spell mechanics seemed complicated to macro to get full dps like a solo person.

    Any one else mixing it up like that?
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    Welcome back. I found that leveling in retail in dungeons is a pretty poor way to level. Questing is almost always more efficient. When I came back I started boxing classic, got to mid 20s, got burned out, starting boxing retail. Had an absolute blast, but then Shadowlands was announced. As a result, because I believe going from 1-50 in Shadowlands is going to be ridiculously quicker than 1-120 is today, I've switched back to Classic and honestly I've been having a blast since. I'm sure in the 40s and 50s I'll get burned out and I'll begin working on my retail team again. I think you could do multiple classic teams to break up the monotony, or switch between retail and classic.

    It really depends upon your goals in both classic and retail. The goal for me is to deck a team out in pre-raid BiS in 5 mans in Classic, and probably never play again. In retail, I'd like to level a few teams up and get ready for Shadowlands, knowing the meta could be completely different than it is today in M+ and I really don't have the time to devote to the game that I would need in order to level a bunch of teams to 120 to accommodate that. It would be nice to get to a point where I can self fund my subs through WoW tokens in retail, but I don't know that I have the time to accomplish that AND complete my classic goals before Shadowlands.
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    I think you get free 110 boosts for reactivating and maybe also for getting 60s in Classic.

    With that in mind you may not need to level from scratch on retail and pretty much can go straight to dungeons.

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    started leveling some retail yesterday, just want to get all the content done once. I've never missed any, why start now.

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    Started a retail team last night from level 1. I think it will be a nice break from classic, it was surprisingly fun. The combat is much different than classic, feels like they're going for a faster-paced BDO style combat.

    Not to mention all the quality of life stuff I miss while playing classic, and the fact that I already have an established guild with tons of gold from my old teams. Still a bit worried about macroing castsequences, I feel like I'll be missing out on a lot of procs.

    Collection quests in retail are soooooooo much easier to complete than classic. Area loot is awesome, but aside from that the drops are far more frequent.
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    And the circling is worth it,
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