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    Default Anybody here boxing 10 characters at once?

    Im doing 5 now but was thinking...with 8 mages and 2 priests wouldn't world pvp be even better?

    Any any benefits to dungeons as far as making extra money? What about running 10 man urbs? Any good money there?

    Basically is it worth it from the overpowering snd money making standpoint. Seems like you wont realky get ganked with 10 mages AOEing.

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    I'm running eight mages and two priests. To be honest I'm going to drop to four mage and one priest. The only reason I'd keep all ten would be an increased interest in PvP.
    I'm not that great at multiboxing but with MMMMP I can clear all five man content, Balnazzar can be a pain sometimes (kinda random). The skeleton room (immune to all magic but holy) in Scholo is a pain as well.
    I don't do things like having one mage be a tank. I also don't use holy nova. I think its best to spread the damage/aggro on an aoe pull and have several mages being hit at a time.
    A ten man team allows you to do rend runs in UBRS, to clear LBRS at a silly fast rate, and have a second resser for PvP.
    I honestly haven't tried clearing past rend in UBRS. I don't think I'd be able to kill the last boss with my composition.
    There is plenty to do with a five man team. Rend runs and fast LBRS aren't a reason enough for me to keep the extra accounts. But if you're dead set on PvP then go for it.

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    Im still leveling my first team 4m 1 priest. Sounds like i should just stick with them. I do want to pvp eventually but it would take forever to level another 5 team after this. I was gonna do it if its clearly worth it and you have an advantage. Sounds like not much of an advantage over 5 man team...especially considering monthly price for 10 accounts.

    Thank you for your input.

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    I started leveling a second team for options like ubrs and lbrs gold farming, but then realized that is not enough reason to have 10 accounts. Im going to keep 8 accounts active for easier lbrs and ubrs fun..but also to have different 5 man options. I dont PvP, so its all about PvE for me. In the end ill have a warrior and paly,4 mages, a priest and a lock. And they will all be on one bnet as well.
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    I keep all 10 accounts on their own logins as I have 5 kids and a brother and control access via who I give passwords to what.

    I started with my main bnet account and 4 others but when I switched servers I RAFed my other 5 old/inactive accounts. At that time I was thinking of 10boxing and started a new 5man team on those newly reactivated accounts.

    Currently I am letting 3 accounts expire and will just keep 7 accounts active for now (6 for me and the kiddos and 1 for my brother).

    Like Lyonheart that also gives me some mix/match 5man composition options though likely the odd account out will be the one with my mage for free ports/water/food for the other 5. That will also allow me to have a 5man team doing stuff while my main is waiting for a RAID/PVP/BG/etc.

    At this point I am not thinking anymore that I will do 10boxing in classic though that may change if I find it makes sense for farming in 10mans or with raids we have on farm if guild-mates are ok with it.
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