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    Default A few LLLLP questions

    Hi all,

    I am fairly new to multiboxing and have been playing WMMMS recently and gotten them to 41 but felt kind of burnt out for the time being. I have just started up a LLLLP which is currently at lvl19, I have spend a few hours searching around for info and come up with a fair amount but would love to hear from some people running this comp, basically what I would like to get some info on is the following:

    1, Do people feel that "Intensity" is required for AoE leveling in dungeons (spell push back reduction), also which AoE method would be preferred (hellfire or RoF)?

    2, Would you recommend have all locks go SL for dungeon farming purely for the tankiness or is it situational depending on if you plan to AoE farm?

    3, Can a priest spamming Holy Nova be an effective healing tool when AoE pulling or is a more direct healing source need?

    Sorry if these have been answered before and also if you happen to have any hints or tips regarding this comp that you feel may help or not have been mentioned that would be much appreciated.


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    Rain of Fire is your only option from 20-30 if you want to AoE.

    For me for now at ~20 with no true tank yet I am running with improved voidwalkers and DoTing mobs. I likely will keep DoTing until I get my Paladin to 60 and then start using him to Boost and Tank for this group (and then I will try to AoE from the Warlocks with impunity because my Paladin will be tanking).

    This is the thread I have been following for my Warlocks+Priest:
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    1- Without a tank, it is required and it doesnt work even close to as well as mages. Void sacrifice helps. Just stick to lower level mobs, warlocks lack the talents that mages get. Warlocks have higher damage and no threat reduction while having no talented spell hit outside of affliction. That kills our destro dps against anything other than mobs our level or below. So like mentioned, stick to lower level mob grinding and just pull larger pulls.

    RoF is one of the lowest damage aoe's. Hellfire is the highest aoe damage.

    2- Without a tank i think it's the best option. Even slow dots will pull aggro from voidwalkers well before the mobs die. SL drain tanking is the best option with no dedicated tank. 31 demo is very costly in the single target damage department. You dont need single target raid damage for dungeon bosses so it can work and it's great for pvp.

    3- you can spam holy nova for aoe pulls. You'll be out of mana after about 7-8 casts which is about every pull. Prayer of healing works very well, it's far better in any situation where you can cast.
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    You have Torment for AoE pulls, pull as many mobs as you can without risking dying or taking too much damage to reduce downtime.

    Make sure to always have improved Voidwalker talent, dot up the mobs with Corruption and Curse of Agony while Voidwalker takes initial threat with Torment , have a Felhunter out if you need to silence a specific mob to pull 2 packs and then start channeling Hellfire or Rain of Fire using a /cast [@player] macro if you do not want to deal with aoe targeting.

    This will deal enough damage to the mobs but you obviously can't do crazy aoe pulls like mages do (I could pull 12 mobs/3-4 packs 3 levels lower than me with mages in SM with Arcane Power cooldown every 3 minutes)

    As long as you take minimal damage you can lifetap to restore mana and heal up with Prayer of Healing and continue grinding.

    Things will get better for warlocks in 55+ dungeons where mobs have 14-15k hp hard hitting mobs where you can't pull more than one pack and this is where dotting and aoeing really matches mages, you can send one mob to each target and safely clear dungeons.

    Affliction with Improved Voidwalker is better at early levels, SL with imp Corruption is better from 46, SL/Destro is the best late game.

    Ignore Hellfire pushback talent until late game, you do not need it, focus on doing smaller packs safely if you are new to this comp, dying is a huge setback and reduces your exp/h massively, and getting low often means you have drink more again losing more time.
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    Use this maccro
    /use [nochanneling] Hellfire

    for spamming hellfire without wasting mana.

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