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    Default Killing or questing?

    So for going on my Pal/Priest/M/M/M and is definitely slow going as this is my first delve into WoW. All level 6 right now. Just a quick question, better to grind out killing mob after mob after mob or should I do quests also or quests exclusively? Thanks in advance for any help. And any tips on leveling faster would be amazing! I am Dwrf/Dwrf/Gnome/Gnome/Gnome.

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    Hello blazicks

    Suggest you take a look at the following post :

    Lots of good stuff to improve leveling until deadmines, usually question at lower levels (or going the "fedex" route, i.e. traveling around with simple quests) then grinding in fast respawning sites. Then at 18-20 on alliance side, you can start deadmines and from there switch dungeons as you level.


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    Know that you will have a hard time with DM until you are about lvl 20-21 because of mana issues, you just don't have enough gear yet and resists will be tough. Once you get to mid 20s the situation resolves itself and you can do instances at recommended levels, at least that was my experience with a WPMMM team.

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    I agree that it is wise to wait till ~20 for DM and would get to 20 and train abilities and max bags (even just 6 slot bags if that is all you can afford) on all your characters before heading into DM.

    To get to 20 on my first team I did the FedEx route to level 12 as documented on the 1st row of the Dungeons tab of the Classic WoW Planning spreadsheet. From there I farmed the HyperSpawns on rows 2 & 3 to get to 18 or so and then I did the DM related quests which mainly involved the mine area outside the DM entrace (documented in the Guides link highlighted in orange on the Dungeons tab).

    My 2nd team was all Dwarves+Gnomes like yours and I just did all the quests in the starting area and then headed to the level 5-6 Hyperspawn that was recently added to the HyperSpawns tab. I then went and verified and did the level 9-10 HyperSpawn and then the 11-13 Hyperspawn and then the 17-18 Hyperspawn which can get you to 20.

    Both routes work fine to get you to 20 each with it's pros/cons. On launch day I think the FedEx route made the most sense but likely going forward I will just level up via Hyperspawns to ~20 and then go into DM. If you are on a PVP server, now that we are in Phase 2, this HyperSpawn approach is great as you can't be attacked in any of this and will get you to DM and then Stockades which can get you to 30.

    Note that my current team could handle DM easier than my 1st team before 20 but I figured I will be in there long enough as it is so delaying to ~20 made the most sense for even my 2nd team.
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