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    Default EQ2 - Mouse 4 and 5 buttons

    So i have 2 buttons on the side of my mouse that register in game of EQ2 as “Mouse 4” and “Mouse 5”. I set all 6 boxes in EQ2 to make mouse 4 keypad 3 (where all my combat sets are) and mouse 5 to keypad 4 (where all my spells are). So basically 3 and 4 broadcast to all 6 windows by default but the 2 mouse buttons don’t. Any idea how I make it go to all 5 other instances? Hope I explained this clearly heh.
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    You would need some kind of software to send the mouse 4 and 5 to all windows. Although unless it was also making sure the cursor was in the correct place in all windows at the same time, then the mouse buttons can be interpreted differently, because mouse buttons are designed to be handled by GUI elements, and in a 3d freelook world, the cursor may be over a different in game entity which changes the behaviour of the mouse buttons. That said, if over a 2d element, like a game menu or action bar, then it will usually behave as expected.

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