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    Default With Priest/Pally/Lock/Mage whats ur 5th?

    I kinda keep going back and forth on what i want for my 5th, id like to hear all the others experiences before settling.

    Should i have 2M1L or 2L1M?

    Been driving myself bonkers and because i cant settle i havent wanted to play until im set.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was stuck also. In the end I went 2Locks+1Mage.

    I think 2Mage is more common because you can get AoE earlier but I am fine with waiting some and wanted 2 pets/summons/stones/etc. I wanted to have both an off-Tank Voidwalker and a phased Imp with improved blood pact and fireshield on my Paladin Tank (and Void off-tank).
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    why not just go moonkin at that point to cover all bases? Thorns, mark, crit, brez, innervate, leatther, ect. @player hurricane. I mean unless you're min/max'ing. If i were min/max'ing i'd go Pally/lock/lock/lock/Priest.
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