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    Default Retail or Classic?

    I did pose this to someone in game but I would like to ask the community. I played Burning Crusade like 12 years ago for like 3 weeks..... Not before that or after that to any degree. I really don't know much about the game. I know EVERYTHING about EQ and EQ2. Boxed up to 24, full raid, in EQ2 for close to 10 years... so I get it.

    My question is this: I started my 5 box on classic and ran into another 5 boxer. He said he had been playing for about a month and just couldn't get into Classic... he came from Retail and had been 5 and 10 boxing there for like 8 years. He said I would have a lot more fun on Retail as Classic is missing too much.

    Now, let me just say that I literally know NOTHING of WoW. Have no idea what quests I need to do to get X or Y... where to go or where any dungeon is. I don't remember anything from when I played 12 years ago and am literally starting a new... That is why classic appealed to me, i thought to myself I could learn the game from the start and I wouldn't be 12+ years behind however, after talking with him I am wondering if classic is the right spot for me over retail. I get all of you loyal WoW people get to reminisce and remember and do stuff you maybe didn't before on classic... but to me the game is all new and I will be learning from the ground up. I want to eventually raid by myself, run instances with 10/15 toons... do a lot of fun stuff and use all the tools ISBoxer has to maximize the game. I am not really a quester, more of a grinder and love to strategize battles. but I get I need to do certain quests to get important items to advance.

    So my question is, should I start in retail since I am new... or should I start in classic since I am new? Am I already way too far behind on retail? Will classic be too boring for me since it was from so long ago?

    I really appreciate this communities feedback and value it. Thanks folks!

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    Which do you enjoy more EQ project 1999(classic) or retail EQ? WoW is not in a much different state in comparison. You played EQ, classic wow will not be boring to you. Retail might be overwhelming, but it holds your hand through everything up until the very end-game competitive Mythic stuff. You wont be high end raiding as a boxer in retail, but there's easy modes you can. Boxing more than 5 characters is much much more accessible in classic. I dont think there is a point to boxing more than 5 at once in retail. Retail sure is pretty though. The next expansion is looking decent for 5man teams. There is so much more to do in retail, but in my opinion of course, it's just more stuff i dont enjoy as much as the stuff i do in classic.

    In the end, i'd say play classic for now and definitely give retain a full try when Shadowlands is released.

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    You already missed Vanilla once and this is your one chance to see Classic in the phases... I would do Classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nodoze View Post
    You already missed Vanilla once and this is your one chance to see Classic in the phases... I would do Classic.
    I agree with Classic over Retail but I wouldn't really call 1.12 talents, 16 debuffs etc "Vanilla"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homer View Post
    I agree with Classic over Retail but I wouldn't really call 1.12 talents, 16 debuffs etc "Vanilla"
    Agree though the bottom line is that it is the closest we are going to get to Vanilla from Blizzard.

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    Nobody else can tell you what you'll enjoy. Try both and stick with the one you prefer.

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    i would do classic until the next retail expansion. in the next expansion after you level one character(team) to max level..there are going to be better options for any alts after that. As well as, after level 10, you can choose any of the past expansion zones to level alt teams in all the way to 50 ( 50 to 60 will be in the new expansion zones ). This way you will experience all classic has to offer, and if you want, you can experience any of the past expansions in retail, in any order you want, ( after first character/team hits max level.)
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    Personally, I prefer multiboxing Retail since it's faster paced and there are more QoL features in the game, whereas I thoroughly enjoy Classic from the solo perspective. While you can wait for Shadowlands if wanting to try out Retail, I'd argue that the end of an expansion is the best time to jump in since all the catch-up mechanics are in place and the economy is established, full of items that have leveled out in price and are readily available.
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    The funny thing is I thought I was just going to give classic a month and then I would go back to retail but now I been on classic ever sense.

    So I am going to say Classic it just sucked me back in ....
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