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    Quote Originally Posted by Homer View Post
    How is a priest stripping buffs?

    dispel magic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madsage View Post
    A priest will strip one fear ward before getting insta polymoprhed or silenced for 4 seconds. Ice block is a better talent against aoe fear but I think that PoM is generally better when you have 4 mages, it allows you to defeat groups you can't just burst down and have to use cc.

    Ice Block could be a good choice on horde side
    I'm talking about group vs group. Obviously if you're just fighting a single priest it doesn't really matter what they do, they're not going to beat 5 characters. It's not that easy trying to get into LoS to silence a decent priest when you have the rest of his party trying to kill/CC you.

    In a group setting versus competent players a priest will just sit as far back as they can and purge while healing. Then your priest will be susceptible to fear. When comparing fear ward to will of the forsaken, I think fear ward is superior in PvE but WotF is superior in PvP.

    Horde mages have 4 counters to AE fear but, importantly, undead priests have 2 counters that can't be purged.
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    Yea Wotf is a lot better and the lack of PvP trinket is huge, but in a group fight I do not care if a priest is sitting back because I just blink into groups with Arcane Power and start spamming Arcane Explosion and level 60 players die (currently level 48), instant Polymorph and Pyroblast (soon) are an answer for single targets, when I get max rank Arcane Explosion people will literally melt with Arcane Power and Sappers.

    One thing besides AoE fear that stops this strategy is Frost Nova and Escape Artist is invaluable when dealing with it because offensive use of Blink is very important, you need an answer for a low cooldown ability used by the most common PvP class.

    If I was Horde I would only use frost spec for PvP because Ice Block is an amazing defensive talent, but Escape Artist gives me just enough mobility to play arcane. I will respec to frost once I reach 60 and try it out but so far I am satisfied with arcane, mostly because people do not realize that they have to burst me down before I burst them but that might change with time.

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    So now that the P2 is live and my team is at level 50 I will respec to frost, Horde (and Alliance) are running around in groups of 5/10 and killing anyone they can without using really any cc, so the extra survivability from from frost will allow me to deal more damage than Arcane Power when the whole team doesn't die in 3 seconds.

    Priest is still the weak point that dies first but at least with Ice Barrier your mages can survive for 3 seconds for Prayer of Healing to land.

    Arcane is still super fun for small skirmishes and one shotting anyone you find every 3 minutes
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