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    Default Some questions regarding hunter buffs/debuffs/auras

    I am multiboxing 3 hunters right now.

    If I get max entrapment (grants a chance to root enemies with traps) on all 3 hunters, would 3x frost traps each have a 25% chance to root an enemy for an average of 57.81% root chance per pulse? Or does only 1 frost trap debuff apply even with 3 frost traps stacked on the ground? And would it make any difference if 1 character got rank 5 entrapment, another got rank 4, another got rank 3, or would only the strongest frost trap debuff apply?

    Also, if I get trueshot aura rank 3 (increase attack power by 100) on my level 60, would that benefit my other 2 hunters who are level 35 or would they only get the benefits of a lower level aura like trueshot aura rank 1?

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    Yes to the frost traps, all 3 count for chance to root. I'm not sure about having different ranks, i wouldnt go that route, as it is likely the strongest slow will apply and the other traps might not get a chance to root in that scenario.

    Keep in mind the downside to a lot of stacking cc's like this for us boxers, that if you get a double proc that i'm pretty sure diminishing returns applies and would reduce the root time in half. I think the higher proc chance outweighs the DR's, but it's highly situational.

    Trueshot aura wont stack regardless of rank, only the highest will apply to all party. You could get away with only having one hunter spend that talent point, but remember if he dies then your remaining team will not have the buff. In pve I'd only take it on one hunter myself tbqh, that talent point would be extremely valuable on the other hunters for skills like Intimidation and such.
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    Hunter mark does stack with different ranks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine View Post
    Hunter mark does stack with different ranks.

    didnt know that, that's 288ap. that's a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleflavor View Post
    didnt know that, that's 288ap. that's a lot.

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