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    Thanks for your reply. I just dont understand it. As I was able to 10box before and now I cant even 5 box and only 7 months have went by. I did buy 16 more gigs. I really hope I can have my 10 accounts on 32 gigs. Although my accounts are using 3-4 gigs per client. So I dont think Ill be able to run 10 on 32

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    I went to like 33ish gb ram with 10 way back. Also used to have lots of chrometabs open and netflix. Had to get 64 gb ddr4, was hella expensive back then :/

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    I ran a memory test last night with Memtest86 and it passed with 0 errors. took like 2 hours for that test to run. I wonder If installing a 2018 version of windows 10 would change anything?

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