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    Hi guys! What sort of talents are you going on your mages and priest to make the AE and healing better? For example should I get 3/3 on improved power shield on my priest and do the mages go arcane/frost build?
    Same questions. A bit more precisely : is 3-point improved PW:Shield better than the 3-point threat reduction of Silent resolve to keep the priest off agro?

    On mage, My feeling would be that shatter makes AE a beast if you round-robin frost nova to keep mobs frozen, but is it overkill (as you lose pyro in the process, which with POM may be a good quick boss killer)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apatheist View Post
    Don't be discouraged if it's a little slow to start. Once you get a decent amount of int/stam gear things will get a lot smoother. When you're first entering a dungeon at 14-18 you barely have any bonus stats.
    This is great perspective. You will likely struggle for a bit regardless of comp in classic just with how gearing and stats work. I didn't really get strong until the mid 20s and only recently felt like I got kind of OP. Different comp, I know, and maybe there are some exceptions just because of how classic was balanced, but don't get too frustrated. Also there will be some learning curve to boxing as well if you're brand new to this.
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    I use round robin Frost Nova and Improved Counterspell when pulling, I pull a pack and Nova it and silence a caster if he is about to cast something dangerous, then pull another pack and silence casters and wait in the middle for both packs to start coming at the same time.

    Many mobs have 2 schools of magic so if you do not silence them they will just stand there and keep casting, so for this technique you need at least some arcane talents.

    I avoided Arcane Sublety in arcane tree because I do not want my priest ever pulling aggro and never had threat issues.
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    How do you kill bosses with this setup? I cam do the AoE no problem, but I cant quite get the single target burst for a boss down.

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