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    Default BfA - 1xPal 4xDk still work?

    Looking to getting back into retail after classic pulled me in. With shadowlands looking more alt friendly I figured I’d dip my toe into BfA. I haven’t played retail since MoP and kinda bummed they killed boxing pvp.

    Does the 1-Pal 4-Dk comp work at all in this expansion? I’m looking to get as far as I can in m+ and I really enjoyed playing dk’s

    I figured 1-Pal 4-Dk I would be able to use the LFG to get bonuses, but could also switch to 5-Dk for m+ if that’s better.

    Hoping someone whose has been active can help me out.

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    BFA is poison heavy. In that you want a poison cleanse, for sure. Freehold actually has mobs that stack a healing debuff on the tank which will kill if not dispelled. King's Rest has an ooze room where they shoot ooze on the ground every .5 seconds randomly targeting you. The only way to really deal with that room is to have a highly mobile comp to avoid the puddles.

    M+ dungeons are mechanically complicated. Think Cata > WoD > BFA. BFA is in much the same design as WoD and Cata were. Lots of positioning and movement involved. One of the main reasons MDI was all melee.

    I imagine your comp will have it easier than my initial caster heavy comp had it but be ready for some serious roadblocks. It's not Legion for sure.

    Mechagon is absurd. That's the uber dungeon for BFA. Not boxer friendly at all. I can think of several encounters there that will make you hate multiboxing.

    Might be better to just solo box some of that stuff but then it calls into question why you multibox at all. BFA is a tough expansion to love.

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    I'lll just throw it out there that if you were thinking about running an all tank comp, then my experience is that you're losing out on a substantial amount of DPS, making some encounters harder because of the longer duration. You gain some stability and are forgiven some small mistakes, sure, but personally I found that running 4x Ret and 1x Prot for my pally team was better than all Prot in most encounters. Granted I still had a few ways to reset and cheese some mechanics completely with bubbles and lay on hands.

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    the Prot + 4 ret sounds interesting. I think I'd like to potentially give that a try.
    I've tried out Brewmaster + 3 DH + Mistweaver using fistweaver and overall melee felt much more sloppy to me than a ranged comp. The mechanics ended up being harder and some fights it just wasn't realistic down the road.

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